Cake Alternatives

15 Fun Alternatives to the Typical Wedding Cake.

When I talk to most brides about prioritizing their wedding wish list, a lot of times the wedding cake is down towards the bottom. I too was one of those brides, not particularly concerned with having a wedding cake.

If you don’t necessarily want one, or just like the idea of having something different, then you should explore all of the other options out there for wedding day sweets.

Here are my fifteen favorite wedding cake alternatives:

  1. Macaroons. They’re deliscious and so, so pretty.
  2. Ice Cream Bar. Totally fun for guests to make their own ice cream sundaes.
  3. S’mores. I’m uhbsessed with s’more bars. Who doesn’t love s’mores!?
  4. Candy Bars. Go with the traditional self-serve candy bar filled with bulk candies, or up your game with a pretty spread of fancy chocolates.
  5. Cupcakes. It’s like having a cake without actually having a cake. Oh, and you can have plenty of flavors.
  6. Cannoli. A definite yes for you Italian brides, or anyone with functioning taste buds.
  7. Popcorn. Put out a whole bunch of different gourmet flavors. Half dessert, half take away gift.
  8. Pies. All you southern belles should think about this one. Pick between minis or full on pies & slices.
  9. Chocolate Fondue.  Because who doesn’t love a chocolate fountain.
  10. Hot Chocolate Station. Drinking dessert can be fun too, so if you’re a fall or winter bride, look into this one.
  11. Chocolate Covered Strawberries. The epitome of romance!
  12. Donuts. Super trendy right now, and super adorable. Do it.
  13. Cookies. Cookie jars, cookie platters, cookies stacked like a cake. Yes to any, or all of these.
  14. Crêpes. How French of you! Totally unique and totally amazing.
  15. Cake Pops. Because they’re adorable, and portable enough for the dance floor.

Having trouble making one of these fit your wedding vision? Talk to me! You can make just about anything work for your big day with an open mind and a creative eye!

Love, Mrs. Newman