Wedding Night Specialties

The Best Ways To End Your Wedding Night!

So I know the main focus of your wedding is centered around the ceremony and reception, but what about the party after the party? I’m talking about the wedding night!

Your wedding night will be the first time on your wedding day where you’ll be truly alone; spending your first night together as a married couple.

I know most of your planning efforts won’t cater much to this part of the evening, but you shouldn’t totally write it off after booking your hotel suite or wedding night room.

I mean, this night is kind of a big deal, so why not put a little extra thought into making it something special? Even if spending the night together isn’t something new for you, it’s still a pretty special occasion. You’re consummating your marriage, which sounds ridiculously old-fashioned, but regardless, it’s true!

I’m hoping you’re excited about banging your new spouse, even if it’s not your first time, which it probably isn’t because I imagine most of my readers went through their slut-phase at some point. (Also, you should test drive the merch before you buy it, in my opinion. Just saying.)

So make some plans! Think about what you want to do when you get back up to your room after the reception.   Yes, you might be spent, but it’s really not that hard to spend at least an hour or so together before crashing for the night (if not more!)

Here are some of my sexy suggestions!

Champagne. Make sure you have a nightcap chilled and ready for you and your hubby to enjoy alone together. It doesn’t have to be champagne, wine or beers or whatever floats your boat. But have one last cocktail together and make a toast to your new life!

Cake. It’s true that some people end up eating next to nothing on their wedding day, so request your caterer box up a nice big slice of cake for you two to have as a bedtime snack before, or during, your real dessert! (wink face)

Snacks. Same sentiment as before, but maybe think about what kind of snacks might be an aphrodisiac, or hold a dual purpose. Think whipped cream, chocolate sauce, strawberries and champagne… whatever you wanna feed each other or lick off your boo’s body.

Sparklers. Steal a sparkler or two from your sparkler send off and light them together on your own up on your hotel room balcony. Doing fun little things like this create a different level of intimacy, setting the mood nicely.

Cigars. This doesn’t just have to be a groomsmen thing, if you both enjoy a nice cigar, unwind from your festivities by celebrating with cigars. Just brush your teeth afterwards and before your jump into bed.

Letters to Yourselves. Similar to asking your guests to leave you an anniversary wish to be opened later in your marriage, write letters to yourself, together or separately, and seal them in envelopes or place them in bottle to open on your anniversary.

Upgrades. Splurge a little on your wedding night accommodations. Get a nice big bed, with a nice big tub, and a nice view or balcony. Maybe even keep it a surprise until the wedding night if you can.

Robes and Slippers. Change out of your fancy wedding clothes and into big comfy robes. Putting on nice, soft, plush robes will help you both relax, and they also provide easy access for later when you’re ready to be wearing nothing.

Lingerie. Even if you don’t have something sweet on underneath your dress, take a few minutes and change into something sexy for your spouse to rib off you (or remove gently, depending on your preferences).

Bubble Baths. Spend the last hour of the best day of your life unwinding in a bubble bath, with candles, and rose petals and soft music …with a happy ending for both of you.

Wedding Gifts. Save your wedding gifts to each other for right before bed. It’s one last thing to look forward to before calling it a day, and being able to open them when it’s just the two of you will be romantic and special.

You only get one wedding night so make it extra special! Closing out the biggest day of your life with your best friend should be memorable, romantic and one of the highlights from your wedding (just maybe keep this one to yourself).

Love, Mrs. Newman