Unique Bouquets

Changing Up What You Carry Down The Aisle.

Still scheming over all of your flower options? If you’re stuck on what type of bouquet you should go with, or you aren’t sure a typical bouquet goes with your wedding style, then consider these fun alternatives.

Single Stem. A subtle single stem is simple and sweet. It’s a romantic and ethereal option, and is perfect for a bride whose style is flowy or beachy.   It also pairs nicely with a flower crown, whereas a full bouquet might be overwhelming in addition to a floral headpiece.

Candle.  A candle is soft, romantic option. It’s a perfect addition to a candlelit ceremony, and also extremely budget friendly. Consider fake flames, or at least have a candle holder ready to put your (lit) candle once you get up to the altar.

Miss America Bouquet.  Better know as pageant style, this type of bouquet drapes over the crook of your arm. It’s slowly starting to reappear on the bridal scene, so if you like the look, talk to your florist about what type of flowers would be best to complete your vision.

Flower Crown.  If you don’t want to carry anything up the aisle, at all, a flower crown is a fun replacement in your floral budget. Or just use the extra allotment on pretty centerpieces.

Twigs, Branches and Greenery.  Keep the flowers to minimum and have your florist use twigs, branches and greenery as the main focal points of your bouquet. It’s an amazing look for fall and winter weddings, and can be a great way to incorporate seasonal pieces (mistletoe or snow berries).

Bible or Book.  Carrying a book up the aisle is an eclectic and unique option, but can make your wedding more personable to you. Bring your own bible up to the altar for the readings, or have your vows written and bookmarked inside. Do the same with your favorite book. It also makes for a great keepsake in your home after the big day.


If you have other ideas, or if you carried something unique up the aisle, share them in the comments. It’s your day, so make sure you’re doing things your way.

Love, Mrs. Newman