My Faves From Their (Massive) Selection!

Sometimes I wish I could get married all over again, solely to be able to pick from all the cute new wedding invitations/programs/miscellaneous printables.  Everything these days is just so darn cute! is one of my favorite sites to peruse when I’m helping couples shop around for invitations.  They have so many adorable templates, and a ton of ways to customize them (hello shiny foil lettering!)  You can also change the colors to match your wedding palette, so even if the template default doesn’t match, make sure you still explore the alternate options.

I know not everyone loves shopping as much as I do, so I went ahead and pulled my favorites for y’all to see here on my site – but is really easy to navigate so if none of these fit the bill, just keep shopping around their site, I know you’ll find something.

Alright, so here are my faves, numbered to correspond with the photos up top!

  1. Charming Love (Foil Option!)
  2. Outside Wedding
  3. Twinkling Lights
  4. Elisabeth Floral (Foil Option!)
  5. The Wedding Bouquet
  6. Romanced Wedding
  7. The Union

Sidenote: I know everyone is super tempted to adorn everything from their wedding with pictures of themselves (and Minted has options for that!) but it’s usually much cheaper to not use a photo.  I also think there’s something to be said for the traditional invitation, with all the necessary info as the focal point, and not secondhand to your picture.  Something to consider.. but that’s just my opinion.  Call me old-fashioned if you want (but it’ll probably be the first and last time…)

Love, Mrs. Newman