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Do you and your fiancé need a break from wedding planning? Or are you settling into having your Mrs. Degree and now want to spend some quality time with your new husband? Here’s a list of fun, and inexpensive, date ideas.

Pack a Picnic

Make some sandwiches, throw in a bottle of wine, and grab a blanket. If possible, head to your wedding venue, or somewhere near by and set yourselves up to enjoy a nice romantic picnic overlooking where you said, or will say, your vows.

Ride Bikes

If you don’t own bikes, you can usually rent them from your local park for pretty cheap. Set your route ahead of time, and try to end your ride by a local bar or restaurant to finish the date with a round of beers.

Hit Up a Drive In

Head to your local drive in and pack a cooler with soda and snacks. Bringing in your own treats cuts the cost of this date in half. If you have a truck, fill the bed with blankets and pillows for an extra cozy date.

Have a Sleepover

Think old school sleepover. Drag your mattress downstairs and set up your “bed” on the living room floor.   Rent movies from your childhood, play video games, have a Nerf gun war, and play truth or dare.

Go Hiking

Head to your closest park or trail for a nice romantic walk. Bring the dog to make it a “family” affair. Hold hands, and talk about your future. Make plans to visit new places and try new things together.

Have a Water War

On one of those hot summer days, make your backyard your own mini water park. Pick up water guns and water balloons from the dollar store.   If you want to step up your game, grab a kiddie pool and a slip-n-slide.

Go Wine Tasting

If you are lucky enough to live close enough to a few wineries, head out for a few hours and wine tour together. Go online ahead of time and find out which wineries offer free or cheap tastings. Just make sure you have someone to call for a ride home in case you end up having a little too much fun.

Star Gaze

Set a midnight date.   Spend an hour underneath the sky and watch for shooting stars. Keep track of who sees more. Take a blanket and pillows for extra comfort, or again, if you have a truck bed, use that.

Head to a Farmers Market

Find your local farmers market and plan your date there.   Walk around and check out all the vendors. Grab everything you need to go home and cook dinner with together afterwards.

Play on a Playground

Find out where the best and biggest playground in your neighborhood is. Bring out your inner child and run around a playground together. Let him push you on the swings or race each other down the slides. Playgrounds are also a great place for a picnic lunch.

Have fun with each other, and let go of anything stressing you out or weighing you down. Do you have any fun ideas to add? Leave them in the comments!


Mrs. Newman