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Color Palette Inspo – Navy Weddings

Color Palette Inspo - Navy

Navy Blue & White & Grey

Perfect For: 

Late Summer or Fall

Why We Love It:

It’s not overdone but it still screams classic …this color scheme is timeless but not trendy, making it a perfect choice.

How To Execute:

Pick your exact shade of navy blue (use color swatches) and make sure all your linens, fabrics and accents match. Use crisp white as your neutral to really make the navy pop. Grey works best for the guys’ suits against the girls’ navy dresses, which will keep your bridal party pictures from being too monotonous.   Add a subtle flash of light pink in your bridal bouquet for a pretty little twist that won’t distract from your color palette.

Fun Features:

Anemones are perfect for this color scheme, the crisp white petals and the dark navy centers couldn’t work better. Try blue colored cake, or look into other fun options like blueberry pies or blackberry sorbet.

Love, Mrs. Newman

Floral Replacements

Flower Alternatives

No Flowers, No Problem!

Weddings and flowers tend to go hand in hand, but if florals just ain’t your thing, don’t feel like it’s an absolute must have. There are tons of other options for you to consider using in place of all those pretty blooms. Bonus perk: flowers can be expensive so you may even save some money by thinking outside the box!

For Your Consideration:

Fake Flowers. A clear and easy alternative for real flowers.   If you want flowers but need them to be done in advance, last in any type of environment or just want to be able to keep them afterwards, fakes are a good option.

Wooden Accents. Not only should you consider swapping flowers with the super trendy sticks, twigs and branches you see on Pinterest, don’t stop there; consider other wooden accents like tree trunk slabs, carved flowers or figurines, or maybe even DIY pallet projects.

Candles.   Candlelight is super sweet, sexy and romantic …and perfect for a wedding. Ditch flowers for tealights, candle arrangements and pretty candlesticks. Get creative with the bridesmaids and use lanterns or pretty candlestick holders.

Paper Flowers. Lotsa options here… from DIY to Etsy, there are tons of ways to have paper flowers at your wedding. I love the ones made from the couple’s favorite books or music sheets from their favorite songs.

Seashells. Calling all beach brides! Making bouquets or arrangements out of seashells is so pretty and so perfect for a beach wedding (or beach wedding theme). Incorporate other ocean accents like silver dollars, sea glass or starfish!

Jewels. Want to glitz up your big day? Look into making a studded bouquet out out brooches, jewels or pearls. They’re absolutely stunning and help give your look a little extra sparkle.

Succulents. I love this floral replacement because it still is easy to arrange, but it gives your wedding day look a clean, crisp look. They make pretty bouquets, ethereal centerpieces, and cute wedding favors.

Feathers. Another fun and whimsical idea. Feathers are perfect for brides who want a bohemian feel. They’re a sweet addition to your wedding, and make seriously gorgeous bouquets. Just be sure to work with your event designer to make sure you’re using stunning feathers (not tacky boas or something better used for arts and crafts).

Need help pulling your flowerless vision together? Call me!

Love, Mrs. Newman

Wedding Traditions & Their Origins

Tradition Origins

The Crazy Reasons Behind Our Wedding Traditions.

Have you ever wondered why we do the things we do? Wonder why we follow certain traditions? Wedding ceremonies are built off old traditions, and even some of the least old-fashioned weddings are still center around old ways …you just might not even realize it.

So do you wanna know some of the origins of typical wedding traditions?

Here are some of the coolest, weirdest and borderline scary reasons behind some parts of your big day.

Rings. Most people know that the wedding ring is worn on the left ring finger because it’s the only finger with the “love vein”, or a vein that runs straight up to the heart. But originally “wedding rings” were woven bands that were worn on ancient Egyptian brides, and they were worn around their wrists and ankles.  There’s still debate over whether or not these original wedding rings were actually shackles, since a lot of brides were taken against their will.  And as far as traditional wedding rings on the hands, they weren’t worn until somewhere around 1000 BC, to help display “ownership” of the woman.

Flowers. So, like, flowers are obviously pretty and romantic and decorative, but the original reason flowers were used in weddings is actually really gross. Flower arrangements in the olden days utilized spices, herbs and the strongest smelling blooms the bride’s family could find to help mask the odor of the bride. Because most weddings took place in the spring and summer, and hygiene wasn’t really a thing back then or something, most women smelled especially gross when it was hot outside, so bouquets and floral arrangements helped mask it.

Wedding Party.  This one’s kind of funny.  Way back when, a lot of marriages happened after the groom successfully kidnapped his bride (ah, romance).   A groom’s wedding party was actually his own mini army, or the people who would ensure he got away with the girl. And the bridesmaids? They were actually decoy brides ….in case anyone tried to steal the girl back, it would be harder for them to tell which one she was. Yeah. Take it all in.  So the original groomsmen were guys that had the groom’s back, just like today, but the bridesmaids consisted of women also on team-groom. My inner feminist is raging.

Veils. The origin of veils isn’t terribly out there, but it is a little comical. Essentially veils were used to keep grooms in arranged marriages from seeing his bride until after they were pronounced man and wife. The kicker is that they used really thick veils, sometimes even almost opaque so that the guy wouldn’t be deterred from marrying her if she wasn’t, you know, nice looking.   And if she ended up being a particular breed of hideous, it would be too late for him to do anything at the unveiling part of the ceremony.

Diamonds. We already discussed how wedding rings began, but an engagement ring, specifically one with a diamond, can be chalked up to medieval times when dowries for brides still existed. Rings with precious stones were used to help cover part of that dowry, and the ring was part of the groom’s proof of payment when his betrothed wore it around on her hand. So lets all thank the medieval dudes for getting something right as we stare down at the shiny diamonds we adorn on our left hands. Yes, I can be bought for a diamond.

Rice Tossing. Showering the new couple as they leave their ceremony or reception is definitely one of the oldest traditions out there, but did you know it didn’t start out as rice tossing, per se? Way back in the day it was considered good luck to throw food at the new couple, primarily bread or wheat based products because they signify fertility.   When brides got fed up with having food thrown at them on their wedding day (because, obviously) people started switching from tossing food to tossing rice or dried grains …still good luck but less obnoxious. Also, in case you haven’t noticed, most people don’t/shouldn’t throw rice any more because it hurts birdies. So toss-up something else to celebrate after your ceremony.

Honeymoons.  Honeymoons are amazing.   A solid week or two after you get married to relish in each other’s company and say bye-bye to the stress of wedding planning and hello to your blissful life together. But do you know why they started? It was actually when a newlywed couple would go into hiding together after the wedding, usually for a month, or a moon cycle.  This was thought to be enough time for anyone who had objections to the union to calm down and not kill either the bride and groom out of spite.  It was also a test of fertility, since one month should be enough time to make a baby.  Talk about pressure.  Regardless, the couple would retreat into a tent or cave and family members would deliver food and honey mead …hence the term “honeymoon”.   Nowadays couple still retreat into “hiding” and let other people cater to them, we just do it on beaches or at fabulous resorts.

White Dresses.   A lot of people think that brides wear white dresses because the white fabric signifies purity and virginity, which it does, technically, but that practice was adopted by the church only in the past two hundred years or so. The real reason white wedding dresses became popular was thanks to Queen Victoria in the 1840s, who started the fashion statement with her super glamorous silver and white gown. Before her, brides just wore the nicest dress they had and color was irrelevant. Between her fashion statement and the adaption that white equals virgin, white wedding dresses became a thing.

Bouquet & Garter Toss.   Another fun tradition stemming from the barbaric. In less civilized times, part of ancient wedding celebrations included the male guests ripping off pieces of the bride’s attire. It was considered good luck to bring home part of the poor girl’s ensemble, so guests would rip and tear pieces right off of her.   A lot of girls ended up next to naked before the party was over, at which point the lucky groom left to go, well, get lucky. Or in more accurate terms, rape his new wife. When weddings became less barbaric down the line, ripping clothes of the bride became taboo, so she would toss her bouquet and garter to help bring good luck to some of the party-goers but be able to leave with her pride in tact.

All in all, there’s a million things about wedding traditions that I bet you didn’t know. Some are funny, some are gross, and some are a little horrifying. Regardless, they’ve all shaped the way we get married today, which I find fascinating, so I hope you’re as entertained by these as I am.

Disclaimer: As a blogger I have the luxury to write and say whatever the eff I please, so take that in to account if you’re using this as a source of research. Everything compiled in this post I learned from Pinterest, other blogs, and miscellaneous articles, in addition to chatter from vendors and brides I’ve worked with along the way.   I am NOT a historian in any way shape or form (shocking, I know).

Love, Mrs. Newman

Sparkly Weddings

Sparkly Weddings

Throw A Gorgeously Glitzy Wedding!

If you’re like me, your favorite color is glitter. I mean, honestly, what’s better than something shiny and sparkly?

Not much.

So if you’re unsure of your wedding color scheme, but you know that you want it to be blingy, I get it.   You might even have a color palette picked out, but need ways to incorporate some extra glitz, just to make the event a little more glam.

Here are the best ways to add some shine to your big day!

Glitter. Sprinkle that shit everywhere. Kidding, don’t do that. But you should incorporate it into your stationary, décor and signage. And talk with your caterer and/or dessert vendor about edible glitter. It’s a thing, and its super pretty – think glitter on your cake, cupcakes or on top of macaroons. #yesplease

Pearlized Linens & Fabric. A little less in your face than glitter, but still adds a really nice sheen to your décor. Pretty pearl shades of whatever your color scheme is will help add depth and texture, reflecting the lights beautifully. They also give your event a rich look and feel, just like how satin sheets can make a bedroom seem more regal.

Mirrors. Another great way to catch and reflect the light at your event is through the use of mirrors. Look for venues with mirrors, or look into renting/bringing in your own. On a smaller scale, use mirror plates on your tables and underneath all your centerpieces.

Diamonds. Or rhinestones for the most part, aside from the jewelry that you wear. But you should totally use pretty diamonds (real or fake) for your jewelry, as well as on your bridal party. Then talk with your florist or vent designer about working them into your centerpieces and décor.

Sequins. Add a pretty sequined table runner, or use sequined linens for your cake table, or your head table to add a little extra oomph. If you don’t want a totally bedazzled dress, sequins are a more subtle way to sparkle on your wedding day. Same goes for your bridesmaid dresses.

Sparklers. So a sparkler send off isn’t exactly new, but who cares? They make for the prettiest photos and they totally fit into your sparkly wedding theme. If you want to work them into your day in a different way, add a sparkler to your cake topper, or buy the extra long or colored ones.

Embellished Flowers. Use pretty brooches or rhinestone ribbons in your bouquets. Adding pretty embellishments won’t be a new concept to your florist, so work with them to determine what the right amount of added bling for your wedding is.

Bling! Speaking of sparkly embellishments, don’t stop at your bouquets if it suits you. How about your shoes, or garter, or headpieces? Bling out your accessories. It’s a subtle way to sparkle if head to toe diamonds isn’t for you.

String Lights. Love, love, love string lights. Outside or inside, they’re so pretty, whimsical and romantic. And while they don’t necessarily sparkle, they do shine. And the more lights you have, the more your sparkly pieces will reflect them.

Chandeliers. Pretty chandeliers are already in a lot of wedding venues, but even if they’re not you can look into renting some. Talk to your local wedding and event rental companies about what they have available, and consider stringing up one or two, or several.

See, there are lots of ways to make your main wedding color “glitter”.   Weddings are a great time to shine, so why not go glam with your event ambiance?

If you’re worried it’ll look too tacky (and it will, if you use every single thing on my list) then work with your event stylist or wedding coordinator to decide what will work best for your vision. You can have a gorgeously glamorous wedding without it looking like you’re on Gypsy Sisters.

Need help pulling this look off? Let me know!

Love, Mrs. Newman

Pearl Weddings

Pearl Weddings copy

A Pretty, Elegant & Classic Wedding Day Style.

I’ve been dying over all the new gorgeous wedding trends and styles, and I have to say one of my favorites is the use of pearls. Pearls are such a classic staple of timeless beauty, so it’s no wonder brides use them as a styling influence when they’re getting married.

The best thing about a pearl wedding is that they extend so much further than just for use as your jewelry.   To start, it gives you a beautiful color scheme if you go all out with a pearl themed wedding.

Think about all the different shades of pearls, from white to off-white, to pink, gold, champagne… even a pearlized black.   There are tons of different ways to make this look cater to your own style and preferences.

So besides all the pretty colors, what are all the fun ways to work pearls into your wedding day? Well, honestly, there’s like a zillion ways. Be creative and work with your event designers to follow this subtle but stunning theme.

Consider the Following:

Pearl Dress – Obviously a stunning option, and there are plenty of dress options out there with beautiful pearl accents.

Pearl Jewelry – Another easy way to pull your classic wedding day look together, as there’s not much that beats a woman in pearls.

Pearl Flowers – Your florist will know how to pull this together, so use pearls in the bouquets and boutonnieres. Look on pinterest at all the fun ways to execute this!

Pearl Centerpieces – Similar to your bouquets, you can work pearls into your floral arrangements, OR get budget savvy and use pearls to piece together pretty and unique centerpieces… like pearl filled martini glasses, mirror plates and tea lights.

Pearl Shoes – Every bride wants stunning wedding shoes, and there are so many fun options out there. Look for ones with pearl embellishments.

Pearl Cake Decorations – Wedding cakes or cupcakes are just SO pretty! It’s an easy yet elegant addition to class up your yummy desserts.

Pearl Strands – Not only can you wear them, or add them to your centerpieces, they’re also easy to string up! Think chair decorations, tying them into your pews, or stinging them up at the altar. They’re gorgeous, and will catch and reflect just a subtle amount of light.   So gorg.

Miscellaneous Pearl Decor – Obviously the possibilities are endless, but don’t overlook the little details, like table numbers, cake cutter, wedding signage or takeaway gifts.  There are about a million and four ways to decorate with pearls, so think through all the options.

If you love this idea, but don’t know how to pull this look together, let me know and we can talk about it! Or, if you have other event design concepts, but need a little bit of help, make sure you contact me!

Love, Mrs. Newman

Colorful Wedding Dresses

Colorful Wedding Gowns

Because Not Everyone Wants To Wear White.

So you’re thinking of straying from the traditional white gown. I love it! I’m all for doing things your own way, so making sure you’re dressed in your own style is a big must.

My guess is you might be struggling a bit with this decision. Even if you are confident in wearing something besides white, you still might be hit with outsiders doubts or opinions, which can make any girl question herself.

Luckily, I got your back. There are so many amazing dresses out there that come in other colors besides white. Like this one, or this one, or my fave – this one!

If you find yourself needing justification to wear something that strays from the norm, consider this; your wedding is a reflection of you, so if a big white dress doesn’t do that, then take that as your green light to think outside the box.

If you have a staple favorite color, then consider finding a gown in that hue. If everyone knows that you live and die for pink, then you should totally be wearing a pick dress for your walk down the aisle. Tried and true New Yorker that’s never worn anything that isn’t at least 50% black, then maybe you get hitched in a LBD. Or consider a gown with black accents or embellishments.

Even if you don’t have some staple fashion wise, or notorious favorite color, you can still get a different colored wedding gown. You don’t need a reason other than wanting to do something different. If you find a blue gown that makes you feel like a knockout, go with that – plus you’ll be covering your something-blue.

Colorful gowns are perfect for second go-arounds too; when a bride feels even a little uncomfortable in white, then I say go big with a brand new color scheme and wedding gown.

If you’re thinking that white might not be your thing, but something bright and vivid isn’t settling well, then you should try on a few different muted shades. Think light pink, peach, grey or taupe. Most dresses come in off-white shades, so make sure you find out all of your color options before deciding against a gown. Some brides are surprised to learn their dress comes in different color options; but most of them do!

Make sure you look at fabric samples, and find a boutique and consultant that you trust to help you find exactly the shade of gown you’re looking for. It might take a little bit more time and energy to find a colorful gown, but it’ll definitely be worth it!

If you’re still on the fence, reach out to me and we can talk through it. Or, if you’re interested in wedding styling help, give me a call to discuss!

Love, Mrs. Newman

Wedding Dress Shopping

Dress Shopping

What You Should Know Before You Say Yes to the Dress.

So you’re gonna buy a wedding dress! Insert squeal of delight! So exciting, and so much fun. It’s ok if you’re a little nervous too, especially if you’ve never tagged along to anyone else’s dress shopping escapes.

Regardless of whether or not you’ve been dress shopping before, here are a few things to expect. With this things in mind, you can walk in to that boutique über confident and totally ready to find the dress.

Make sure you have an appointment. A bit basic, but if you’ve never been before you might assume you can just show up. Technically you can attempt to do a walk in, but it’ll be way easier on the shop if make an appointment, and more importantly, you’ll get the time and attention you deserve.

Tell the bridal shop who you’ll have with you. When you (or your MOH?) make your previously mentioned appointment, make sure they find out how many people will fit in their viewing area. If you plan to have a bigger group with you, they’ll need to know so they can have the appropriate amount of seating available.

Bring photos! Or at least have a few pins on your phone readily available to show your consultant. It doesn’t have to be a specific gown that you want to try on, but a few photos that show the look and feel of your style. Professional consultants will be able to take your photos and pull looks that match your wish list.   Trust me, they’ll be grateful to have a starting point.

Do your research. If you do have specific photos of dresses that you want to try on, get online and make sure the store you’re going to has that designer.   Not every store will have every designer, so make sure you know what lines they carry, and if they fit in with your tastes.

They aren’t going to fit you, yet. Wedding dresses come in one sample size that is supposed to fit an “average” woman. Which means the dresses you try on aren’t going to be your size. The consultant will use clips and pins to get it to sit right on you so that you can get the visual. Unless you just so happen to be the exact size of their fit models, the dresses you try on won’t fit well during the shopping process. Trust your consultant and let her pin and tuck and pull on the gowns to help you see what a dress made to fit you will look like.

Taking photos prior to purchasing might not be allowed. It differs from store to store, but some places prefer you not photograph every thing you try on. It may seem innocent enough (I mean if it’s not on insta, did it really even happen?) …but the store’s thinking you’ll just take the photo to their competitors or try to buy a cheaper knock-off elsewhere. Be respectful, and follow their rules (or at least be extra sneaky about it).

Carry your own bubbly. Some places have complimentary champs to celebrate with after saying yes to a dress, but some don’t.   Better to be prepared just in case your store doesn’t have anything there to toast with. A lot of places won’t mind if you pop one open at the close of a sale, just make sure you ask first. If they seem uncomfortable or even downright insist you not open it there, go with plan b and celebrate afterwards elsewhere.   Respect their rules, like a lady.

Dress shopping can be one of the most fun things to look back on when remembering your engagement, so stay positive, be prepared and enjoy yourself!   Don’t be nervous and don’t rush you’re decision. You’ll find the perfect dress, just like you found the perfect man. As always, contact me if you need extra help, or to discuss wedding styling a bit further!

Love, Mrs. Newman

What To Do After You Get Engaged

getting engaged

Besides Staring At Your Pretty New Diamond.

Are you one of the lucky ladies or gents that got engaged this holiday season!? Yippee! First, congratulations! Second, if you’re already feeling anxious or overwhelmed, don’t! It’s not supposed to be a negative experience, so keep your eye the prize – your upcoming marriage, not the wedding!

Besides, MNW can help with the wedding planning part.

So, are you wondering what to do first? Well here are a few things to consider doing in the first few weeks following your engagement.

Appraise and insure your ring. It’s not hard or stressful to do, but it’s going to be such a life safer if anything ever happens to your precious new piece of jewelry. Your jeweler should be able to help with this, but if they don’t have any insurance options or suggestions, reach out to your home or renter insurance provider and ask about having it added to your plan.

Subscribe to a few different wedding magazines and websites. Obviously, if you haven’t already, subscribe to MNW and like us on Facebook. But aside from that, look at sites like theknot.com or MarthaStewartWeddings.com. And it’s also a great time to buy a year subscription to Brides, Bridal Guide, or any other wedding magazine that you fancy. Having magazines to flip through can really help you figure out what your wedding vision is. Also, create your Pinterest wedding board if you haven’t already.

Have your first real wedding talk. This is between you and your fiance, only.   You don’t need to walk away from it having everything figured out, but you should decide what your single most important wedding detail is, like the date, venue, or location. It’ll give you a starting point to work off of, which will be extremely helpful in keeping you centered. Also, this is when you need to get your first idea of your budget. Discuss who is paying/who you think will be contributing, and then plan out when you’ll approach said contributors to discuss the financials.

After your talk, get a firm grasp on budget. Don’t wait to have the budget discussion with your parents, because you need to know up front what you’ll have to spend. It can feel uncomfortable to talk money, but if you suspect your parents are planning on contributing, you need to ask if they do in fact plan on helping and what budget they’re comfortable. Trust me, if you’re newly engaged, they probably already have given it some thought.

Search online for a good checklist or wedding guide. I personally love the Mindy Weiss Wedding Binder, but if you’re more of a one-sheeter girl, go on Pinterest and print out a pre-made checklist to work off of.   Get a folder or binder started which you can add to as you start searching for and locking down wedding vendors.   You don’t have to jump into any of that right away, but it can be fun to just get your wedding files together (and maybe decorated or doodled on with your future married name…)

Call me! If you plan on using a wedding coordinator, hiring one should be one of the first things you do. They’ll know exactly how to get started on your planning and will take a lot of the pressure off of you. If you aren’t in the upstate NY area, use TheKnot.com to search for coordinators by location, or better yet, get a referral from someone who you know loved their coordinator or you think had a gorgeous wedding put together that you recently attended.

Remember, the most important part of planning a wedding is knowing that at the end of it, you’ll get to start a beautiful life together with your best friend.   If you’re still feeling anxious or overwhelmed, take a look at all of these fun, stress-free things to do after getting engaged that have nothing to do with actual wedding planning.   Have fun, and congratulations!

Love, Mrs. Newman

How To Throw A New Years Eve Wedding

NYE Wedding

…That Your Guests Will Be Excited About.

The thought of throwing a NYE wedding fiesta can be extremely alluring; it’s already a night meant for big celebrations and new beginnings, so a wedding would naturally fit the bill. Right? Well, kind of.

I love the idea of a NYE wedding, but you have to know what you’re getting yourself into. You won’t be able to deter from the New Year’s theme at all once you commit to the date, so you’re going to have to keep a few things in mind through out the planning process.

Furthermore, your guests could very quickly go from “this will be such a great way to ring in the new year” to “OMG this is so annoying, I don’t even want to go”.   Why?  Because some NYE brides forget that they’re sharing their big day with a major holiday.

So, how do you effectively throw the best New Years Eve Wedding EVER? Let me tell ya…

Embrace the ambiance of the night. Your NYE wedding reception should feel like a glitzy, glamorous party.   Your guests will expect the event to be formal, somewhere between the range of cocktail attire and black tie. Your color scheme should also reflect the feel of the holiday – think metallics, deep shades of red, or black & white.

Plan your logistics accordingly.   Your reception should go until 12:30 or 1am. Which means it’ll probably start a little later than the average wedding – maybe with dinner at 8pm.   Plan your timeline for the ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception to end with midnight festivities.   Also be mindful of your venue – look for places that don’t already have their own NYE party going on, which could feel overwhelming on the day of.

Speaking of planning in advance… you need to get your Save the Dates out way earlier than usual. Like, right away actually. Secure the venue, secure the room blocks for your guests, and send em out.   Travel and lodging rates will already be higher than usual, so giving plenty of notice is the best way to help everyone plan their NYE around your event as easily as possible.

Be flexible with your guest list. The biggest complaint with a wedding on New Year’s is when it hinders your guests from being with their loved ones. You have to allow plus ones – to everyone. And you should really think of your friends and family and who they’ll want to be celebrating with when you make your guest list. No, you don’t need to have the world’s biggest wedding, but you do need to be a little more considerate than the typical wedding. And you also need to not take offense if you get a higher amount of declined RSVPs. Yes it’s your day, but be aware of the holiday.

Make sure you have plans for midnight.   Since the majority of your day will have been centered around you and your wedding, let midnight be what it is – a celebration for everyone! Have a countdown, make sure you provide champagne, look into a balloon or confetti drop over the dance floor, just make sure you have something special planned for when the clock strikes twelve.

Really work the theme. Have your wedding photo booth props be New Year’s get-up. Provide party hats and noisemakers for when the dancing starts. Send your guests home with NYE themed favors.   Have a champagne fountain, or a resolution board. This is where you get to be creative, but make sure it ties back to NYE somehow.

A New Year’s Eve wedding really can be a great way to start the New Year, not only for you, but for everyone that attends. Just make sure you plan an event that not only centers around your big day, but the glamour and excitement the holiday brings as well. Need help planning your own NYE wedding? Contact me!

Love, Mrs. Newman

Wedding In Review – Joe & Katy

Katy Joe Wedding CollageA Romantic Garden Wedding

On September 25th, 2015 Joe and Katy were married in a romantic and whimsical ceremony in Cincinnati, Ohio.   Surrounded by their closest family and friends, they were wed under a gorgeous wooden arch in the gardens after the bride and her maids (all adorned with flower crowns) made their way up to altar through the apple orchard.   Cocktail hour in the courtyard was followed by a long night of dancing in a beautifully lit tent, decorated with flowers, greenery, candles and string lights.  The bride and groom hurried away to their honeymoon suite after a sparkler send-off to complete the night.

The couple credits their amazing vendors for such a spectacular evening.

Location: Pinecroft Mansion at Crosley Estate housed both the ceremony and reception, and allowed for the entire bridal party to be on site for the entire day; with enough room for everyone to get prepped and ready without running into each other before the ceremony.

Food and Drink:  The Pinecroft Mansion is managed by Funky’s Catering Events, so all food and drink is provided by their experienced staff – and the guests were all very impressed with the delicious passed apps during cocktail hour as well as their exquisite entrees during dinner.

Flowers:  The flowers and decor were handled by Eastgate Flowers and Gifts, and they did an amazing job pulling off Katy’s whimsical vision – which included her stunning floral headpiece as well as the beautiful flower crowns the bridesmaids wore.

Sweets:  The couple’s cake and desserts were provided by A Spoon Fulla Sugar, and the spread of cupcakes were quite a hit with the guests.

Photography: Samantha Meister of Samantha’s Studio Photography & Design LLC captured the wedding with stunning skill, as you can tell in the header images above.  Joe & Katy’s wedding albums are absolutely gorgeous.  Scroll through the album below to check out even more of their wedding photos.

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Love, Mrs. Newman