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Color Palette Inspo – Navy Weddings

Color Palette Inspo - Navy

Navy Blue & White & Grey

Perfect For: 

Late Summer or Fall

Why We Love It:

It’s not overdone but it still screams classic …this color scheme is timeless but not trendy, making it a perfect choice.

How To Execute:

Pick your exact shade of navy blue (use color swatches) and make sure all your linens, fabrics and accents match. Use crisp white as your neutral to really make the navy pop. Grey works best for the guys’ suits against the girls’ navy dresses, which will keep your bridal party pictures from being too monotonous.   Add a subtle flash of light pink in your bridal bouquet for a pretty little twist that won’t distract from your color palette.

Fun Features:

Anemones are perfect for this color scheme, the crisp white petals and the dark navy centers couldn’t work better. Try blue colored cake, or look into other fun options like blueberry pies or blackberry sorbet.

Love, Mrs. Newman

Floral Replacements

Flower Alternatives

No Flowers, No Problem!

Weddings and flowers tend to go hand in hand, but if florals just ain’t your thing, don’t feel like it’s an absolute must have. There are tons of other options for you to consider using in place of all those pretty blooms. Bonus perk: flowers can be expensive so you may even save some money by thinking outside the box!

For Your Consideration:

Fake Flowers. A clear and easy alternative for real flowers.   If you want flowers but need them to be done in advance, last in any type of environment or just want to be able to keep them afterwards, fakes are a good option.

Wooden Accents. Not only should you consider swapping flowers with the super trendy sticks, twigs and branches you see on Pinterest, don’t stop there; consider other wooden accents like tree trunk slabs, carved flowers or figurines, or maybe even DIY pallet projects.

Candles.   Candlelight is super sweet, sexy and romantic …and perfect for a wedding. Ditch flowers for tealights, candle arrangements and pretty candlesticks. Get creative with the bridesmaids and use lanterns or pretty candlestick holders.

Paper Flowers. Lotsa options here… from DIY to Etsy, there are tons of ways to have paper flowers at your wedding. I love the ones made from the couple’s favorite books or music sheets from their favorite songs.

Seashells. Calling all beach brides! Making bouquets or arrangements out of seashells is so pretty and so perfect for a beach wedding (or beach wedding theme). Incorporate other ocean accents like silver dollars, sea glass or starfish!

Jewels. Want to glitz up your big day? Look into making a studded bouquet out out brooches, jewels or pearls. They’re absolutely stunning and help give your look a little extra sparkle.

Succulents. I love this floral replacement because it still is easy to arrange, but it gives your wedding day look a clean, crisp look. They make pretty bouquets, ethereal centerpieces, and cute wedding favors.

Feathers. Another fun and whimsical idea. Feathers are perfect for brides who want a bohemian feel. They’re a sweet addition to your wedding, and make seriously gorgeous bouquets. Just be sure to work with your event designer to make sure you’re using stunning feathers (not tacky boas or something better used for arts and crafts).

Need help pulling your flowerless vision together? Call me!

Love, Mrs. Newman

Wedding Night Specialties

Wedding Night Specialties

The Best Ways To End Your Wedding Night!

So I know the main focus of your wedding is centered around the ceremony and reception, but what about the party after the party? I’m talking about the wedding night!

Your wedding night will be the first time on your wedding day where you’ll be truly alone; spending your first night together as a married couple.

I know most of your planning efforts won’t cater much to this part of the evening, but you shouldn’t totally write it off after booking your hotel suite or wedding night room.

I mean, this night is kind of a big deal, so why not put a little extra thought into making it something special? Even if spending the night together isn’t something new for you, it’s still a pretty special occasion. You’re consummating your marriage, which sounds ridiculously old-fashioned, but regardless, it’s true!

I’m hoping you’re excited about banging your new spouse, even if it’s not your first time, which it probably isn’t because I imagine most of my readers went through their slut-phase at some point. (Also, you should test drive the merch before you buy it, in my opinion. Just saying.)

So make some plans! Think about what you want to do when you get back up to your room after the reception.   Yes, you might be spent, but it’s really not that hard to spend at least an hour or so together before crashing for the night (if not more!)

Here are some of my sexy suggestions!

Champagne. Make sure you have a nightcap chilled and ready for you and your hubby to enjoy alone together. It doesn’t have to be champagne, wine or beers or whatever floats your boat. But have one last cocktail together and make a toast to your new life!

Cake. It’s true that some people end up eating next to nothing on their wedding day, so request your caterer box up a nice big slice of cake for you two to have as a bedtime snack before, or during, your real dessert! (wink face)

Snacks. Same sentiment as before, but maybe think about what kind of snacks might be an aphrodisiac, or hold a dual purpose. Think whipped cream, chocolate sauce, strawberries and champagne… whatever you wanna feed each other or lick off your boo’s body.

Sparklers. Steal a sparkler or two from your sparkler send off and light them together on your own up on your hotel room balcony. Doing fun little things like this create a different level of intimacy, setting the mood nicely.

Cigars. This doesn’t just have to be a groomsmen thing, if you both enjoy a nice cigar, unwind from your festivities by celebrating with cigars. Just brush your teeth afterwards and before your jump into bed.

Letters to Yourselves. Similar to asking your guests to leave you an anniversary wish to be opened later in your marriage, write letters to yourself, together or separately, and seal them in envelopes or place them in bottle to open on your anniversary.

Upgrades. Splurge a little on your wedding night accommodations. Get a nice big bed, with a nice big tub, and a nice view or balcony. Maybe even keep it a surprise until the wedding night if you can.

Robes and Slippers. Change out of your fancy wedding clothes and into big comfy robes. Putting on nice, soft, plush robes will help you both relax, and they also provide easy access for later when you’re ready to be wearing nothing.

Lingerie. Even if you don’t have something sweet on underneath your dress, take a few minutes and change into something sexy for your spouse to rib off you (or remove gently, depending on your preferences).

Bubble Baths. Spend the last hour of the best day of your life unwinding in a bubble bath, with candles, and rose petals and soft music …with a happy ending for both of you.

Wedding Gifts. Save your wedding gifts to each other for right before bed. It’s one last thing to look forward to before calling it a day, and being able to open them when it’s just the two of you will be romantic and special.

You only get one wedding night so make it extra special! Closing out the biggest day of your life with your best friend should be memorable, romantic and one of the highlights from your wedding (just maybe keep this one to yourself).

Love, Mrs. Newman

Ten Fun Things To Do With Your Dress

wedding dress after the wedding

What To Do With Your Dress After The Wedding.

So you spent god knows how much on your wedding gown. You love it, it’s probably sentimental to you, but now it’s just hanging in the back of your closet depressed and lonely in a garment bag (like mine).

Just recently I’ve been feeling like a total schmuck for not doing anything with my (amazingly perfect and not inexpensive) Monique Lhuillier wedding gown. It’s just hanging there, lifeless. So sad.   So, I’ve been desperately trying to figure out what exactly I’m going to do with it, and I’ve come up with ten fun options.

If you’re like me, then you too don’t know what to do with your glorious gown after the big day. Ponder the following:

Preserve it. Pretty typical, and definitely one of the more popular options. So what does “preserving” your gown mean? Basically it means a nice deep clean and then packaging it away in a fashion that will keep it from aging or yellowing.   But yes, it’ll just end up in the back of your closet again, so this one’s for the ladies out there saving their dress for their daughter’s weddings (or for wearing around their house and embarrassing their daughters in 20/30 years – looking at you Leslie).

Frame It. Getting your dress framed is a creative way to save your dress and commemorate your wedding day. They look stunning if done well, so if you don’t think you can get your gown into a frame on your own, look into having it framed professionally.  I personally love when ladies have their wedding gowns framed and on display in their big, fancy walk in closets, or dressing rooms.

Teddy Bear. This one is sweet, but first you’ll have to come to terms with having your precious gown cut up. Send your gown in and have it sent back as a soft cuddly (sparkly?) teddy bear. It’s a cute keepsake that can actually be displayed in your home, or even given to your children as pretty addition to their nursery.

Shorten It. Depending on the fit and style of your dress, shorten it in to a dress that you could wear again. It would be an amazing thing to whip out for an anniversary dinner or party, and your hubby/wife will be sure to love every time you put it on (and still fit into it…) Plus you could use the discarded fabric to do some of the other ideas on this list – double win!

Make A Quilt. Again, make peace with cutting your dress up before committing to this one. The good news is you’ll have a nice cozy blanket to snuggle up in, or lay out to accent your home décor.   If you don’t have a trusted mom, aunt or grandma that is a tried and true seamstress/quilter, make sure you go to a professional for this.   Don’t gamble with your gown, do everything you can to make sure you’ll love the end result.

Lingerie. I LOVE this one. It’s a newer trend, but such a great idea. I’ve seen this one floating around pinterest, but you’ll probably have to work with your own trusted tailor/designer. I’m currently researching the upstate NY area to see if someone could meet with me to discuss doing mine.

Jewelry. Taking some of the excess fabric from your dress and turning them into a piece of jewelry is a nice way to wear around a little piece of your wedding day.   You can see an example here, but get creative.   Make a pendant for a bracelet or necklace, or even something for your hubby, like a key chain or pocket watch.

Communion or Baptism Dresses. Since most (but not all!) wedding gowns are white or off white, the fabric would be perfect for a baptism or communion gown.   Again, find your most trusted seamstress and come up with a pattern for whichever dress is most appropriate for your family.   It’s another sentimental way to tie your wedding into other family milestones.

Trash the Dress Shoot. If you can fulfill your sentimental side with photos, then schedule a trash the shoot dress. In case you’re unfamiliar, it’s basically a funfilled photo sesh where you wear your wedding gown one last time, knowing you’ll never wear your dress again. Most sessions take place by water, like the beach or a lake. Have fun rolling around in the grass, mud or whatever you fancy. It actually makes for some really cute photos, and it looks like a ton of fun.

Donate It. This one is probably the nicest, so if you’re looking to do your part with a random act of kindness, donate your dress. You can go through an organized company like Wish Upon A Wedding or Brides Across America, or find somewhere local to donate it to.   It really could make someone else’s wedding dreams come true, and you’ll get that nice warm fuzzy feeling of doing something so sweet and selfless.

If none of these work for you, reach out to me and we can chat. Keeping your dress hanging in the back of your closet is no fun, so I know we can find something to do with it that’ll make you smile.

Love, Mrs. Newman

Christmas Weddings

Christmas Weddings

‘Tis The Season to Eat, Drink, & Be Married!

Happy week of Christmas! Are you a bride-to-be that is inspired by the month of December? If you love the idea of winter weddings (and you should – here’s why), then you should seriously consider throwing a Christmas wedding next year.

So what are some of the best things about a Christmas wedding?

The colors, duh. Seasonal guidelines dictate a lot of green and red for December weddings.   The red is an easy color to use, and is stunning on the bridesmaids, in centerpieces, or for the linens. The green can be incorporated with the décor; talk to your florist about the bouquets and centerpieces and how best to use evergreen pieces and other greenery.

The sparkle and the lights. Even if you aren’t big on the red & green color scheme, you can still easily have a Christmas wedding with neutrals. Think white, gold, silver and black.   With a December wedding the fabrics and linens can be heavier, so play around with textures and patterns. Play up the glitz and use festive holiday lights. Tealights, string lights, and holiday candles will still help accentuate the holiday ambiance.

Incorporating natural winter pieces, like pinecones, mistletoe, winter berries, snowberries. Work these seasonal accents into your décor, not only in your bouquets, boutonnieres, and centerpieces, but also in creative ways, like with your place cards, favors, or wedding cake.

Incorporating not-natural winter pieces, like ornaments, tinsel, garland or stockings.   Anything that could help decorate a home during the holidays can also turn a wedding venue into a winter wonderland. Mini stockings can hold silverware, garland can grace the tables, tinsel can add some glitz to the centerpieces, and ornaments make great takeaway gifts.

Christmassy snacks! Hot cocoa bars are so adorable, and this is one time of year when they’ll work perfectly with your theme. Also, candy canes can be fun (and cheap) additions to a candy bar.   Or if you’re looking for something outside the box, sugar cookies cutouts are a fun seasonal treat that’ll be welcomed by your guests.

Amazing photos. Like, really amazing. Almost everywhere will be lit up and decorated during the month of December, so you’ll have a ton of places to choose from to take wedding pictures. Also, snow. Obviously snow is guaranteed, but should you be lucky enough to have snow on the ground, or better yet, falling down on you, you’re going to get some amazing shots. If you really want snow, look into ski resorts for your venue; they’ll have snow makers on the slopes, so you’ll be able to have at least one snowy backdrop to use.

Need help planning your own Christmas wedding? Lets chat!

Love, Mrs. Newman

Unique Bouquet Options and Alternatives

Unique Bouquets

Changing Up What You Carry Down The Aisle.

Still scheming over all of your flower options? If you’re stuck on what type of bouquet you should go with, or you aren’t sure a typical bouquet goes with your wedding style, then consider these fun alternatives.

Single Stem. A subtle single stem is simple and sweet. It’s a romantic and ethereal option, and is perfect for a bride whose style is flowy or beachy.   It also pairs nicely with a flower crown, whereas a full bouquet might be overwhelming in addition to a floral headpiece.

Candle.  A candle is soft, romantic option. It’s a perfect addition to a candlelit ceremony, and also extremely budget friendly. Consider fake flames, or at least have a candle holder ready to put your (lit) candle once you get up to the altar.

Miss America Bouquet.  Better know as pageant style, this type of bouquet drapes over the crook of your arm. It’s slowly starting to reappear on the bridal scene, so if you like the look, talk to your florist about what type of flowers would be best to complete your vision.

Flower Crown.  If you don’t want to carry anything up the aisle, at all, a flower crown is a fun replacement in your floral budget. Or just use the extra allotment on pretty centerpieces.

Twigs, Branches and Greenery.  Keep the flowers to minimum and have your florist use twigs, branches and greenery as the main focal points of your bouquet. It’s an amazing look for fall and winter weddings, and can be a great way to incorporate seasonal pieces (mistletoe or snow berries).

Bible or Book.  Carrying a book up the aisle is an eclectic and unique option, but can make your wedding more personable to you. Bring your own bible up to the altar for the readings, or have your vows written and bookmarked inside. Do the same with your favorite book. It also makes for a great keepsake in your home after the big day.


If you have other ideas, or if you carried something unique up the aisle, share them in the comments. It’s your day, so make sure you’re doing things your way.

Love, Mrs. Newman

Something Blue

Something Blue

A Little Bit of Something Blue Inspo!

We’ve all heard the old saying of wearing “something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue” on your wedding day.   This is one of those dated traditions that I love. Its fun to incorporate the old, new, borrowed and blue! So this is one tradition that I say you should stick with; if not for luck, for fun!

While the first three sentiments are great, finding something blue to wear is the best part because it allows for you to be the most creative! There are a ton of unique ways to incorporate a little bit of blue into your day. My favorites include the following:

Blue Stitching

I love when a bride uses blue thread to stitch her wedding date or new last name into the inside of her dress. It’s like a hidden secret message. Plus, its perfect for anyone who considers themself a bit of a seamstress or for anyone looking for a good way to get mom or grandma involved.

Blue Heart

Similar to the blue stitching, this one would involve sewing a little bit of blue fabric into the inside of your dress. I personally like when it’s heart shaped, but any shape works! A few ideas of where to get the fabric: one of Dad’s old shirts, a dress from one of your first dates, or maybe one of your fiance’s old college t-shirts.

Blue Garter

Sure, you could go simple and just get a blue garter, BUT your garter is in such a sneaky place that I think its perfect to pin something sentimental on to for your groom. For instance, you could attach a pin or small key chain with his favorite sports team logo (obviously only works if the colors include a shade of blue). You could do something similar with his favorite superhero or college mascot. Or you could tie just about anything with a little blue ribbon. This one has so many possibilities where you could “wear” just about anything if its small enough to attach to your garter.

Blue Shoes

There are TONS of options when it comes to blue shoes, and I love the pop of color when you catch a rare glimpse of pretty blue heels underneath a brides train. If you’re wearing a white dress, I think royal blue heels go beautifully.   I would caution a bride wearing off white to bring a fabric swatch when shoe shopping. While blue shoes can be stunning, they can also clash if your dress has champagne or blush undertones.

Blue Undies

Again, this one if pretty common, but its an easy (and sassy) way to incorporate blue. To jazz it up a bit, you could peruse look for someplace to buy custom undies where you could get your new last name on them as a surprise gift to your hubby on your wedding night. Or you could stitch your new initials or a blue heart into a pretty white pair of undies, or even your bra.

Sapphire Jewelry

I love the pop of color you get when wearing sapphires. It’s such a pretty stone, and it goes so well with a white wedding dress. You could go small with pretty little studs, or go all out with a gorgeous blue necklace with lots of sparkling blue stones.

Blue Soles

If you’re into DIY, instead of buying blue shoes, you could turn the soles blue yourself. I’ve read that blue nail polish works quickly and easily, or you could paint glue on the bottoms, and then douse on blue glitter. I would practice on an old pair first to make sure you like the end product.

Blue Petticoat

This is a trend I just recently stumbled upon.   While it isn’t for everyone, it is a fun and flashy way to have on something blue. There a few dresses that come with blue tulle layers underneath, so you could add that to your dress-wish-list when shopping. Or you could shop separately and buy the petticoat on its own. If you want less of a statement, find a pale blue. If you want to extra wow-factor, shop for a cerulean or royal shade of blue.

Add to my suggestions in the comments if you’ve done or seen anything else that’s fun and different for Something Blue! Remember, there is no wrong way to do this stuff, so have fun and find something that will make you and your fiancé smile!


Mrs. Newman

Make Your Wedding Stand Out

Bride in chucks

It’s officially Wedding Season, the happiest time of year!  At least, I think it is.  But a lot of people don’t.  When weddings and showers and bachelorette parties occupy almost every weekend of your summer, it can all turn in to one big blur.  When someone’s calendar is chalk full of weddings and all the festivities that come with it, these joyous occasions all start to blend together.   So, in world filled with weddings, how do you make yours stand out?

Be you-nique!  I know, that’s cheesy, but hear me out.  Your wedding is supposed to be centered around you and your man.  So make your day reflect that!  Include things that are unique to you both, things that reflect your personalities.   Keep the traditional parts that are important to you, but work in themes or accents that will make your guests think, “this is SO them”.    Personify your wedding day by adding pieces of yourselves – your likes, your interests, your favorite things. People will look back on your wedding and know that it was yours they are remembering.

Don’t be afraid to break the rules when it comes to planning.  Traditions are great – keep the ones you value and will add meaning to your wedding, like having your dad walk you down the aisle, or having your first dance.  But don’t feel obligated to follow every wedding rule and tradition you’ve ever heard of.  It’s unnecessary, and is a surefire way to have cookie-cutter wedding that is completely forgettable (sorry for my candor).   Not into veils?   Put some pretty flowers in your hair, or don’t wear anything at all.   Hate cake?  Pick a different dessert.  Let your own personal style guide you, and know that you can make this wedding anything you want it to be.  Don’t feel pressure it make it anything other than what you and your partner envision.

I’m stealing some ideas from the weddings I’ve been to help give you some inspiration.   One example I can give is my own big day.  We wanted to do something unique and special at our reception, that people would remember.   And anyone who knows me, knows I’m not exactly camera shy.  I love it.  And I also really enjoy editing fun family videos.  So my hubby and I decided we should make our own video to show at our wedding.  We used the help of our family and friends to tell the story of our relationship.  With the help of my tech-savvy step brother, we were even able to capture footage the day of our wedding, and with some quick editing between the ceremony and reception, had that included in our “wedding movie”.   It seemed like our guests enjoyed it, and most importantly, WE loved it.  It was unique, and funny, and a good reflection of us.  And now we have it to re-watch on anniversaries, or with our future children.  (Click here to view it if you’d like).

Another wedding that I found fun and different was the fall wedding of our friends a few years back.  The couple really made the day reflect them as a couple.  The bride picked a printed bridesmaid dress from J Crew for her girls, that was just SO her.  And they looked just beautiful.  They also rented a local school bus as their transportation for the day.  It ran the bridal party around all day, and then later in the evening was how all the guests got to and from the reception.  It was SO MUCH FUN.  And it really fit them.  Fun, and convenient for their guests (and safe, bonus).  One of the best ideas I’ve seen at a wedding.

My brother and sister in law’s wedding is another one to highlight.  My husband’s brother is a sailor through and through.  They grew up on the water, and now not only does he sail himself but he coaches as well.  And my sister in law’s style is SO nautical and crisp.   Together they look like a commercial for Sperry Topsiders.  And so what do you think their wedding theme was?  Correct- very nautical.  The guys were in khaki and navy, and the girls wore navy and had little hints of pink in the bouquets.   They married overlooking the water, and celebrated with the reception in a  yacht club.  It was such an accurate reflection on their likes and interests.

For some additional inspiration, here are a few fun things I’ve seen over the years that have contributed to the couples own personal vision and style.  Have your puppy be in the bridal party, or let your maid of honor wear her own dress color to stand out.  Have two maids of honor, and don’t worry if you don’t have an even number of guys and girls.  Wear a short dress if it fits your style better, or long sleeves.  Not into flowers?  Use something fun and creative for your centerpieces, like colorful glass beads in vases, or pumpkins if its fitting.   Father daughter dances can be touchy for various reasons… try a family dance, where you begin dancing and have family members cued up to cut in, and continue on until everyone is up and dancing.

Don’t get lost in the shuffle of wedding season.  Do things your way, so when its your turn to host the party, its an entertaining representation of you as a couple.  You and your fiancé should have fun with it.  Come up with creative ideas, and get excited about how you can add fun accents and little flairs that suit you both.  Do that, and when its all over, you’ll be happy, and so will your guests.


Mrs. Newman