Shades of Grey

Varying Tones of Gray Accented With Light Pink

Perfect For: 


Why We Love It:

It’s a fun swap of accent and primary color.  With more focus on the gray tones, the pink lightens up the neutral scheme nicely.

How To Execute:

Dress everyone but the bride in gray, but lighten the suit for the guys if the girls dresses are a deeper hue (or vice versa).  This will add depth to your look.  Use pink minimally, in the flowers and centerpieces.  Linens should be on the lighter side, but runners and napkins can be darkened or your pink accent color.  Soften the flowers with white blooms so the bouquets don’t overpower your color scheme.

Fun Features:

Toasting with pink champagne or a sparkling rosé accents your wedding perfectly.  Silver ribbons and sparkly jewelry are an easy way to glitz things up too, without straying from the color palette.  Not into cake?  Make an array of different shades of gray macaroons.