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Floral Replacements

Flower Alternatives

No Flowers, No Problem!

Weddings and flowers tend to go hand in hand, but if florals just ain’t your thing, don’t feel like it’s an absolute must have. There are tons of other options for you to consider using in place of all those pretty blooms. Bonus perk: flowers can be expensive so you may even save some money by thinking outside the box!

For Your Consideration:

Fake Flowers. A clear and easy alternative for real flowers.   If you want flowers but need them to be done in advance, last in any type of environment or just want to be able to keep them afterwards, fakes are a good option.

Wooden Accents. Not only should you consider swapping flowers with the super trendy sticks, twigs and branches you see on Pinterest, don’t stop there; consider other wooden accents like tree trunk slabs, carved flowers or figurines, or maybe even DIY pallet projects.

Candles.   Candlelight is super sweet, sexy and romantic …and perfect for a wedding. Ditch flowers for tealights, candle arrangements and pretty candlesticks. Get creative with the bridesmaids and use lanterns or pretty candlestick holders.

Paper Flowers. Lotsa options here… from DIY to Etsy, there are tons of ways to have paper flowers at your wedding. I love the ones made from the couple’s favorite books or music sheets from their favorite songs.

Seashells. Calling all beach brides! Making bouquets or arrangements out of seashells is so pretty and so perfect for a beach wedding (or beach wedding theme). Incorporate other ocean accents like silver dollars, sea glass or starfish!

Jewels. Want to glitz up your big day? Look into making a studded bouquet out out brooches, jewels or pearls. They’re absolutely stunning and help give your look a little extra sparkle.

Succulents. I love this floral replacement because it still is easy to arrange, but it gives your wedding day look a clean, crisp look. They make pretty bouquets, ethereal centerpieces, and cute wedding favors.

Feathers. Another fun and whimsical idea. Feathers are perfect for brides who want a bohemian feel. They’re a sweet addition to your wedding, and make seriously gorgeous bouquets. Just be sure to work with your event designer to make sure you’re using stunning feathers (not tacky boas or something better used for arts and crafts).

Need help pulling your flowerless vision together? Call me!

Love, Mrs. Newman

Not-So-Average Photobooths

Not So Average Photobooths

Fun Additions For Your Reception!

Picture perfect weddings are usually pretty high on the wish-list for most engaged couples, but cookie cutter weddings? Not so much.

It’s getting pretty easy to blindly follow the pact and have the stereotypical Pinterest wedding, so don’t forget to put your own personal spin on things.

One of my favorite ways to spice up your big day? Getting creative with your Photobooth (or switching it up altogether).

Here’s How:

Video Messages. Instead of photos, why not live video? A lot of videographers can set up a video station where guests can leave well wishes, recall fun memories, or maybe even record a funny (drunken?) dance for you to watch and laugh over.

Selfie Stations.   We are the selfie generation after all. Set up an iPad on a selfie stick and have a guest-operated photobooth. Or just provide the selfie stick and an Instagram hashtag.

Photo Apps. If you like the idea of seeing your event through your guest’s eyes, but want to make sure you have access to all the photos afterwards, look into wedding apps that cater to that.   Look into Wedding Snap, Wed Pics, or Capsule.

Dance Floor Cams. Staged photos are fun and all, but candid dance-floor pics make for great memories. Sure you could just have your photographer capture it, or you could set up cameras timed to go off every minute or so. Better yet, get a dance floor Go-Pro or two!

GreenScreen Photos. Replace regular run of the mill Photobooth pictures against a white background with just about anything you want. Greenscreen technology allows you to super impose your guests into any scene you want; pretty vineyards, famous stadiums, the top of Everest or specific moments in history.

Red Carpet Pics. Have all your guests photographed like a movie star on their way into your reception. Keep the fancy rec carpet and paparazzi like photos going through out the night too, for a fun spin to your wedding photos. So glam.

Drones. How techy of you! But for serious, aerial shots are amazing. So attach a camera to one and get some sweet footage from above.

Photo Frame Backdrop. Instead of having your guests crammed into a booth, or stationed in front of a plain backdrop, get creative with your Photobooth station. Get crafty and make your own with fun messages, pretty decorations or cut out frames for people to stand behind or pop through. So fun!

Love, Mrs. Newman

Clever Weddings

Clever Weddings

Fun Ways To Make Your Wedding Different.

We all want our wedding to be perfect, and we all want our big day to stand out from the rest. I know I’ve touched on this a couple of times now (see here, or here) …but finding ways to make your wedding a little extra fun isn’t hard to do if you just channel your inner party animal.

What can you bring to the table that your guests will love?

Flights. Most wedding guests look forward to the open bar at a wedding reception. If you want to try something different, talk with your venue and vendors about having wine flights, tastings or even beer flights available for your guests. It’s a fun way to get your guests buzzing.

Body Paint or Temporary Tattoos. Love this one because it’s perfect for a whimsical or beachy wedding.   Look into having henna available, a body paint artist or a temporary tattoo application station. They have the prettiest metallic designs trending right now that are so fun to rock.

Open Seating. This is another cool addition to a laid back affair. If you want a country, rustic or outdoorsy feel, consider having an open seating plan. Supplement tables and chairs with high-top cocktail tables and pretty benches, chaises or lounge chairs.

Self Serve Stations. Even if you still want a plated dinner, you can still have fun snack and/or drink stations set up around your reception. Consider having pre-mixed drinks set out, a hot chocolate stand, a make-your-own ice cream sundae bar or maybe a pretty display of cookie jars.

Donuts. Donut cakes are pretty trendy right now, and they’re definitely a fun alternative to the traditional wedding cake. They’re also pretty easy to get creative with. Stack them, hang them, maybe have them spell out your initials. Get crazy. Just don’t expect the pretty design to last.

Popcorn. It’s the same concept as the self-serve station, but will work for even a fancy affair. Popcorn bars are super cute, super easy and a super big crowd pleaser. People who are drinking love their snacks, so popcorn will be a much-appreciated addition.

Game Tables. It’s a foreign concept to me, but I’ve been told not everyone loves to dance.   Seriously though, having something to do besides drink, dance or people watch might not be a bad addition. Incorporate a game station to satisfy all of your guests (especially some of the ones bringing the median age up or down).

Yard Games. Love the game idea? Go all out. Bring in yard games if you have the space and if it works for your venue. You can rent or borrow oversize jenga pieces, connect four boards and corn hole to liven up the party.

Video Booth. Everyone basically expects a photobooth of some sort at a wedding these days. Put a fun spin on it by using video to capture sweet messages, funny stories or well wishes instead. Work with a videographer or just set up a camera or iPad with recording instructions in front of a pretty backdrop.

Food Trucks. Depending on where your wedding is taking place, you should absolutely consider bringing in a food truck. Park it outside at the end of the night or bring one (or more!) in to be your main food vendor. Just make sure you let the food truck know you’ll be handling the tab (you should never put out concession options that aren’t free for your guests).

I’m hoping this has sparked your creative side! Whatever you think will be a fun addition you should embrace. If you need help working it in to your big day, let me know!

Love, Mrs. Newman

Skipping Tradition

Skipping Traditions

Ways To Replace Wedding Traditions.

Sometimes the stressful parts of wedding planning stem from dated traditions that just don’t really work for everyone anymore. For those who are starting to plan, or are even right in the midst of planning, you’ve probably stumbled upon at least a few things that you aren’t sure how to execute on your wedding day.

If you’re following along a wedding planning timeline or checklist it’s going to cater to a cookie cutter wedding. So if you want your wedding to be different and unique, you’ll need to speak up about what you want, what you don’t want, and what you plan on doing instead of some of the more expected concepts.

With the right future-spouse, the right wedding planner, and a few supportive friends and family members, you’ll end up with a wedding that really suits you and fulfills all of your wildest wedding wishes – even if it strays from wedding traditions.

Need Some Help?

Here are a just a few of the more typical wedding traditions that brides and grooms have struggled with, along with a few ways to do them differently.

Down the Aisle with Dad. Not always a fun thing for brides when they don’t have a dad, they have two, or they have a strained relationship. There’s no reason that you have to have only one person do it, so having two escorts is perfectly fine. If you only want one person to do it, chances are you already know deep down who you want that person to be, so go with your gut. If you’re really torn, go by yourself and give yourself to your future husband or wife.

First Dance. This one is super expected, but if there’s something holding you back from wanting a first dance, just skip it and go straight to dinner after the bridal party intros. Have your DJ start the dancing portion of the evening with a slow song, but have them ask everyone to join you on the dance floor for it so that it’s less of a spectacle.

Special Dances. Whether it’s the mother-son or father-daughter, sometimes they just don’t work with your family dynamic. Nix them (most people won’t notice) or try them in a group setting so there’s less of an audience.   Try a family dance, where you start as a couple, then mom and dad cut in, then your partners mom and dad, and then so on and so forth until the entire family/bridal party is up and dancing. Talk to your DJ, they’ve probably seen them done in a variety of ways.

Wearing White. A big white dress just isn’t for everybody. If you don’t want to wear one, don’t. Look at colorful gowns, short dresses, or even something totally unique like a suit or a themed outfit. Whatever fits you and your wedding goes. This really is the one day when you can wear whatever you want, so you might as well do it your way.

Toasts. Because not everyone should be given a microphone. Honestly though, don’t let this one stress you out. If you don’t want speeches (for whatever reason) then just pick one person (the groom, the father of the bride) to say a quick thank you for coming and cheers to the new couple. The most appropriate thing to do is let the person who is paying and therefore the host of the wedding say a welcome toast. Past that, don’t feel obligated to have speeches from both the MOH and Best Man, especially if you have more than one of each (or if they just aren’t comfortable with the whole public speaking thing).

Bridal Parties. Speaking of bridal parties, it’s so much more than okay to put your own spin on your bridal party, or, gasp! …not have one. However you want to compile your bridal party is perfectly fine, so make sure you don’t pick people just to fill a roster. More on that here…

I hope after reading this you feel more confident in paving your own wedding path. Usually the biggest hang up couples face with wanting to do things their own way is how to do so without hurting people’s feelings.   It might mean you’ll have to have a few uncomfortable face to face convos with people who were expecting something different for your wedding, but once you’ve told them how it’s going to be, it’s done.

You only get one wedding, so you need to make sure you do it the way that you want. Be nice, but be firm, and let your wedding coordinator help run interference with any outside opinions. Do you, and be a happy bride!

Love, Mrs. Newman

Sparkly Weddings

Sparkly Weddings

Throw A Gorgeously Glitzy Wedding!

If you’re like me, your favorite color is glitter. I mean, honestly, what’s better than something shiny and sparkly?

Not much.

So if you’re unsure of your wedding color scheme, but you know that you want it to be blingy, I get it.   You might even have a color palette picked out, but need ways to incorporate some extra glitz, just to make the event a little more glam.

Here are the best ways to add some shine to your big day!

Glitter. Sprinkle that shit everywhere. Kidding, don’t do that. But you should incorporate it into your stationary, décor and signage. And talk with your caterer and/or dessert vendor about edible glitter. It’s a thing, and its super pretty – think glitter on your cake, cupcakes or on top of macaroons. #yesplease

Pearlized Linens & Fabric. A little less in your face than glitter, but still adds a really nice sheen to your décor. Pretty pearl shades of whatever your color scheme is will help add depth and texture, reflecting the lights beautifully. They also give your event a rich look and feel, just like how satin sheets can make a bedroom seem more regal.

Mirrors. Another great way to catch and reflect the light at your event is through the use of mirrors. Look for venues with mirrors, or look into renting/bringing in your own. On a smaller scale, use mirror plates on your tables and underneath all your centerpieces.

Diamonds. Or rhinestones for the most part, aside from the jewelry that you wear. But you should totally use pretty diamonds (real or fake) for your jewelry, as well as on your bridal party. Then talk with your florist or vent designer about working them into your centerpieces and décor.

Sequins. Add a pretty sequined table runner, or use sequined linens for your cake table, or your head table to add a little extra oomph. If you don’t want a totally bedazzled dress, sequins are a more subtle way to sparkle on your wedding day. Same goes for your bridesmaid dresses.

Sparklers. So a sparkler send off isn’t exactly new, but who cares? They make for the prettiest photos and they totally fit into your sparkly wedding theme. If you want to work them into your day in a different way, add a sparkler to your cake topper, or buy the extra long or colored ones.

Embellished Flowers. Use pretty brooches or rhinestone ribbons in your bouquets. Adding pretty embellishments won’t be a new concept to your florist, so work with them to determine what the right amount of added bling for your wedding is.

Bling! Speaking of sparkly embellishments, don’t stop at your bouquets if it suits you. How about your shoes, or garter, or headpieces? Bling out your accessories. It’s a subtle way to sparkle if head to toe diamonds isn’t for you.

String Lights. Love, love, love string lights. Outside or inside, they’re so pretty, whimsical and romantic. And while they don’t necessarily sparkle, they do shine. And the more lights you have, the more your sparkly pieces will reflect them.

Chandeliers. Pretty chandeliers are already in a lot of wedding venues, but even if they’re not you can look into renting some. Talk to your local wedding and event rental companies about what they have available, and consider stringing up one or two, or several.

See, there are lots of ways to make your main wedding color “glitter”.   Weddings are a great time to shine, so why not go glam with your event ambiance?

If you’re worried it’ll look too tacky (and it will, if you use every single thing on my list) then work with your event stylist or wedding coordinator to decide what will work best for your vision. You can have a gorgeously glamorous wedding without it looking like you’re on Gypsy Sisters.

Need help pulling this look off? Let me know!

Love, Mrs. Newman

Color Palette Inspo – Yellow & Grey

Yellow and Grey Inspo

Mostly Sunshine, With A Touch Of Grey Skies! (Way Off In The Distance, Obviously.)

Perfect For: 

Spring or Summer

Why We Love It:

Yellow is the happiest color out there, so it’s perfect for a wedding.  It’s also not overdone, so your day will stand out from the others during a busy wedding season.

How To Execute:

Dressing people in yellow can be a little tricky, so you’ll need to spend a little extra time choosing wedding attire.  They guys should be in your preferred shade of grey, with subtle yellow accents in the boutonniere, or on the tie.  The girls will look nice in a soft shade of yellow, but if you just aren’t finding one that works for your group of girls, put them in grey too.  The key to executing a yellow wedding well is by remembering that less is more with this shade.  Stick with whites and greys for your linens, fabrics, and signage, with yellow being your accent color.  It pops enough on its own!  Talk to your florist and event designer about varying pops of yellow among your otherwise white and grey wedding color scheme.

Fun Features:

Use teeny tiny yellow wildflowers to accent just about anything, from your place settings, to your up-do, to your takeaway gifts.  Pretty lemonade stands fit in perfectly with your scheme, or consider using lemons to help accent some of your decor.

After-The-Fact Wedding Specialties

After The Fact Wedding Specialties

Fun Things To Do At Your Wedding To Enjoy Afterwards!

Obviously we all already know that there are like a zillion ways to make your wedding unique and creative (especially if you work with an event stylist, like me!), which is just more proof that planning a wedding is one of the most wonderful things in the world.

But, some of the best ways to make your wedding memorable is by figuring out ways to keep on reliving your wedding day after the fact.

It’s true that with just a little bit of vision you can make your big day more personable, but if you focus on incorporating things that will outlast the wedding itself, you’ll end up with a bunch of takeaways to treasure (and I don’t mean your wedding favors).

Here are my personal faves!

Wine Bottles. They’re pretty much a wedding staple these days, so why shouldn’t you find a way to take home some (sentimental) booze for after the wedding. Splurge on one of the massive bottles of your favorite blend and then use that as your guestbook. Or buy a bunch to number with future anniversaries and have your guests pick which one to leave you guys a note on.

Advice Notes. Speaking of having your guests leave notes, you could just have one pretty vase that you leave out for people to drop well wishes, quotes, or fun memories into for you to decorate your future home together with. Another fun option: asking people to leave you guys date-night suggestions.

Photobooth Print-Outs. I love this one because I love everything about photos in general. But this one is extra fun because if you have your photobooth shots printed immediately your guests can add them to an album left out nearby. You’re left with not only their funny photos but also their own little love notes to you guys to read and laugh at over the next seventy years.

Decorative Mugs, Bottles or Jars. Whatever it is that you decide to have out as your wedding decorations can always be turned into pretty home accents down the road (so long as they’re not rented, that is). But if you’re using mason jars, pretty vases, or decorated bottles that you DIY for your centerpieces or overall decor, save some to place around your house or use when you throw your own dinner parties down the line.

Anniversary Jars or Time Capsules. You could also DIY jars that are specifically meant for your guests to leave well wishes in for future anniversaries (like the aforementioned wine bottle idea) or to be opened at some specified date in the future (like your thirtieth wedding anniversary).   Just make sure you have the right signage up with directions, and you’ll end up with something amazing to read together down the road.

Wedding Quilt. Maybe instead of, or in addition to a wedding guest book you could have your wedding guests sign a wedding quilt, either previously sewn together and laid out at your reception, or by having the pre-cut pieces of fabric on hand for everyone to draw on as they’d like.

Reception & Ceremony Signage. Putting out pretty signs? Making chalkboards to display your wedding #hashtag or signature drink recipes on? These should totally be taken home with you after the big day. Make your wedding sign the focal point over your headboard, or place it up on the mantle of your living room. My wedding chalkboards are all hung up throughout my home. They are pretty, sentimental, and remind me of the happiest day of my life.

Wedding Trees. This one is literally the sweetest thing I’ve ever heard. Add a tree planting ceremony to your wedding day, either by pouring two separate jars of soil into one potted baby tree, or by actually planting one into the earth that day (whichever you prefer or logistically works out for you best). Such a romantic idea… I’m sighing over this one literally out loud.

String Lights or Lanterns. Whatever you’re thinking about renting to help add a nice ambiance to your wedding ceremony or reception, think about if it would go nicely in your won backyard. If yes, consider buying them so you can keep them afterwards. That way, when you’re celebrating your one year anniversary next year at home, you’ll still be cuddling and kissing under the same lights or lanterns that you had out on your wedding day. Swoon.

Like I said, there are tons of ways to make your wedding day different and representative of you as a couple, but try finding ways to keep the romance going long after the wedding. You are starting a marriage after all… not everything is just about the actual wedding day. Just most of it… (kidding!).

Love, Mrs. Newman

Modern Bridal Party Variations

Modern Bridal Parties

Because Sometimes Traditional Bridal Parties Just Won’t Work For You.

So you’re stressing about your bridal party. I get it. It’s actually one of the hardest parts of planning your wedding… picking your squad, trying to make it even out with your partner’s picks, and of course, considering everyone else’s feelings (the worst).

But honestly, if this is causing you stress, take a step back and think about all of your options. There are no rules to planning a wedding (I’m not like those other wedding planners, I’m a cool wedding planner…) so you should totally think about going rogue with this.

You so don’t have to have a matchy-matchy picture perfect bridal party. If your group of people isn’t a gaggle of 5-7 girls, cool. Who gives a eff? It’s better to go the “nontraditional” route and have the people who matter the most to you up by your side.

So let’s throw around some ideas. You’re probably pretty awesome, even if you don’t have a compilation of stereotypical girlfriends, so I imagine you have at least 2 or 3 people who mean a lot to you. Maybe it’s your brothers, or your mom, or dad or even a grandparent. Do you have some special youngins in your life? Give them the honor of junior bridesmaid – I promise they’ll be ecstatic. Whoever your people are, ask them to stand by you.

You can literally have anyone next to you while you say your vows, so get rid of the notion that you must have that picturesque group of girls and guys.

Even if you do have a nice little group of girls you want to ask, but your partner has way more or way less, just work with it. The processional takes approximately two minutes, maybe. So if not everyone has an escort, or someone has to double up, no one will care.  At all.

You shouldn’t ask people to be in your wedding just so that you get an even-numbered bridal party. You’ll end up with people that aren’t super close with you in all of your wedding photos. Even worse, if you go with your b-list you’ll end up with people participating in all of your majorly important wedding events that don’t necessarily care as much as they should. Uh, no thanks.

Your bridal party should be people who would do anything to make your engagement and wedding absolutely per-fect.  Whenever people ask me my opinion on whether or not they should ask someone to be in their wedding, I always ask them if they can imagine that person’s face on their mantle in fifty years.   And if you’re not sure about the longevity of your friendship, maybe you pass.  So maybe that means you just stick with your family.  Family will always be family, no matter how the relationship ebbs and flows.

If you’re hearing what I’m saying, but still feeling like you need to figure out a way to have a logistically convenient, cookie-cutter bridal party, think about one more thing for me.

Look through photos of modern weddings.  Spend a little bit of time looking at same-sex weddings, uneven bridal parties, man of honors, or female groomsmen pictures. You’ll quickly see how common it is to go your own way, and cater your bridal party to what your real-life group of friends and family is actually like.

The best part about this is that there are like a million ways to execute unique wedding ideas. Want a bridesman? Have his tux match the dresses, or dress him in lighter colors. Have a girl who just doesn’t do dresses, or is going to be a groomswoman? Put her in a suit too. She can still stand by your side even if it’s not in a bridesmaid gown, or she can totally rock a women’s wear suit with all the other groomsmen.

I’m hoping at this point you’re feeling pretty confident about doing whatever the hell you want when it comes to your bridal party.   And if it’s the logistics that are bothering you more than appearances, let that pressure go too.

You don’t need to conform to a cookie-cutter wedding with very traditional practices. Having trouble deciding which girl, or guy, will be your MOH? Don’t have one. Who cares if the only speech is from the best man!  Or just nix the speeches altogether if it’s bugging you. Give one yourself, or have whoever is throwing (read: paying) give the toast. Maybe you have a grandparent give one. Do you, boo. It’ll be fine regardless.

Whatever you and your fiancé decide to do will be just fine. You’re never going to regret having the people who matter the most to you by your side on your wedding day. Even if it’s not a traditional pick, it’ll be much more special to go with your real life besties, no matter their gender, age or relation to you.   If your main concern is styling an untraditional wedding party, I got you. Just let me know, and we can make it work.

Love, Mrs. Newman

Quirky Brides

Quirky Wedding Fashion

Fun & Unique Bridal Pieces That Are Totally Adorable!

I love, love, love when brides cater their wedding day look to their own personal style.   Some brides go all out and embrace their quirks or wardrobe staples, while others go the more subtle route . Either way you’ll end up with a more personalized wedding day.

If you’re still working on piecing together your wedding ensemble, consider tying in something unique to you. Like I said, it doesn’t have to be something major, but even if it is a big fashion statement, then good for you. It’s your day, so you call the fashion shots!

Here are some of the best pieces I’ve seen that make for a fun and adorable wedding day look:

Capes. Veils not for you? I hear ya, I ditched mine pretty quick after my ceremony. Capes are a fun and fashion-forward look that give the illusion of a veil without actually having on a headpiece. Or go with a short cape over your shoulders – so adorable.

Sneakers. Revolutionized by Annie in Father of the Bride, this idea is perfect for you tomboys, or for anyone who just loves their kicks and wouldn’t be caught dead in heels. Converse sneaks are super cute, but I’ve also seen toms, sneakers and keds that all work perfectly with the brides style.

Faux Fur. One of my total faves, and perfect for late fall or winter weddings. Not only can it help keep a girl warm, it’s so, so, so pretty. Go with a fur wrap, fur cape, fur scarf or fur coat for a stunning look. And obviously I stress the faux part because animals.

Boots. Do you absolutely live in a pair of boots? Why not embrace that on your big day? Whether it’s a pair of combat boots, your beloved cowboy boots, or brightly colored galoshes, you should totally consider rocking these under your gown. Not only will they make for fun photos, they’re also really practical for outdoor, fall or winter weddings.

Leather Coat. Are you a biker babe? Or do you just live and die for your leather jackets? Wear your signature piece over your gown. It’ll keep you warm and give you a chic look. If your style is a little more edgy, your wedding day style should be too.

Flannel. Some people just can’t get enough of their flannel. If this is you, work it into your wedding style. For a rustic or country themed wedding, this look ties in so perfectly. Go big with a shirt, or tone it down with a scarf or throw blanket draped around your shoulders. Trendy as flannel and plaid patterns are right now, you’ll have a plethora of options to choose from that will work with just about any color scheme.

Colorful Underskirts. If you just can’t get onboard with an all white wedding day look, work some color into your ensemble. An easy and fun way is with colorful or patterned underskirts or tulle. You can order them in lots of fun colors, so talk to your bridal shop and see what their options are. If they don’t have what you’re looking for, look elsewhere and work with your tailor during alterations to make sure everything will piece together well.

If these all seem like a little too much for you, and you’re on the fence about tying in your own personal fashion style, then dial these ideas way down. Think undies, garter or jewelry. You can work in your own personal preferences into the little details too; the perfect way to look and feel like a bride but still stay true to our own inner fashionista.

Need help completing your look? Let me know and we can collaborate your wedding styling together.

Love, Mrs. Newman

Something Stitched


How To Stitch Hidden Messages Into Your Wedding.

I love little somethings that add sentimental value to weddings, so I absolutely ADORE the idea of stitching hidden messages into your wedding getup.

It’s a relatively simple idea, but it’s so sweet and meaningful.   It’s also extremely easy to do yourself, and you don’t actually need to be a talented seamstress to stitch in a little love note.

So what exactly should you consider stitching a hidden message into?

Ties. Specifically the backside of your groom’s tie.  A great place for your initials or a quick I ♥ U

Shirt. Inside your groom or even your dad’s button up. Behind the pocket and over his heart.

Dress. A perfect place for your something blue – blue stitching on the inside of your gown.

Dad’s tie. Some concept as your groom, but a sweet surprise for the man walking you down the aisle.

Mom’s dress. Another sweet place to add your initials or an I ♥ U, but this time in the mother of the bride’s dress.

Bridesmaid Dresses. Stitching a sweet saying or blessing into your bridesmaids dress is a fun little secret between you and your girls on your wedding day.

Garter. Leave a sweet message for your groom when he takes this off you later.

Lingerie. Same idea as above, this time something for him to read behind closed doors and a fun way for you to tag your wedding undies.

Groom’s Undies. Speaking of wedding undies, why not stitch your wedding date into whatever undies your man wants to rock on your wedding night (hopefully something a little better than tidy whiteys).

Socks. Do this one for your groom, your dad, or any of the guys in your bridal party to make sure no one gets cold feet on your big day.

If you love this idea, but you aren’t super comfortable with a needle and thread, I’d stick with stitching in initials. Upper case letters are pretty basic, so you should be able to handle this one. Numbers are pretty easy too, so your wedding date should be an easy option as well. If you’re feeling confident, add a simple note or saying. Regardless of skill level, here are my tips for doing your own stitching:

  • Outline your initials lightly in pencil, so you have something to trace over, and keep you in line, literally. Pencil will wipe off pretty easily a little soap and water, but you most likely won’t even see it under the stitches.
  • Make sure whatever you’re stitching has two layers so it doesn’t look busted on the other side. Don’t try to embroider something that’s only one layer.
  • Make each stitch about two or three millimeters long, that way when you move along to the next stitch you can come up through the previous one to make one clean line.
  • Make teeny tiny x’s instead of trying to make periods or dots. If you make them small enough they’ll look like a dot regardless.
  • Use thicker thread and small needles (just make sure it’ll still thread through the needle’s loop).

Happy DIY! Have fun!

Love, Mrs. Newman