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Aisle Game Strong

Aisle Game

Picture Perfect Paths To The Altar.

As a future bride-to-be, you’ve probably thought about that infamous walk down the aisle once or twice. Actually, even if you’re not engaged, you’ve probably at least dreamed about it.

For anyone wanting a little extra pizzazz, flair or romance, consider amping up your aisle. It’s going to be one of the most memorable walks of your life, might as well give it a little extra style.

The Cutest Aisle Ideas Out There

Rose Petals. Outside of just a sweet little flowergirl tossing rose petals, of course. Aisles lined with petals are stunning, and aisles completely covered from start to finish are drop dead gorgeous. Another fun twist, flower petal art; pretty patterns, swirly designs, or maybe your initials spelled out in petal. Yes, please.

Red Carpet. Super glam wedding? Roll out a pretty, plush red carpet. Nothing screams luxury like a red carpet so if it fits with your wedding vision go for it.   Just make sure you see it beforehand, obviously. There are lots of shades of red, so make sure the one you’re using is what you’re picturing in your mind.

Circle. Looking for something unique? Set up your ceremony chairs in a circle. Plant them around a small swirling aisle leading to the middle of the chairs where your altar will be set up. Not only is it a fun twist, it also lets you walk past every single guest, giving everyone a clear view of the bride.

Burlap. This trendy fabric is here to stay, which makes sense since it’s so pretty and super versatile. Burlap runners can fit a plethora of themes and styles, and the neutral color makes for a perfect blank canvas. Add some lace or flowers or tealights (fake ones, firey weddings aren’t ideal) to make it your own.

Reverse, Reverse. What about walking up the aisle instead of down? If your venue allows, or you’re setting up your ceremony in a vacant space, consider coming up the aisle from the opposite side, or from one of the sides. There are no rules to how you should set up. I’m not like those other event planners, I’m a cool event planner. (Mean Girls, anyone?)

Aisle Runners. One of the most under utilized linens from your rental companies.   See what options they have available for you. Get creative with existing runners by adding your own accents along the sides (such as flowers, lanterns or picture frames) ….or consider less traditional forms of runners, like maybe a handful of picnic blankets, plaid fabric or custom cut lace fabric.

Candles.   Ah candlelight, the epitome of romance.   Line your aisles with beautiful white candles. Just make sure the aisle is super wide, so that no one’s train gets anywhere close. Or, better yet, look into fake candles.   Nobody wants to add an ER visit to their wedding day.

Glitter.   Because who doesn’t want a little bit of glitz on their wedding day? Even if you don’t want a full-fledged glitter aisle, adding some shine in other ways is also a fun option.   Throw a little glitter/confetti around, or add some sheen via fabric choices like a sparkly chiffon or tulle chair embellishment lining the aisle.

Personalized. If you’re all about making your day your own, then personalizing your aisle is ideal for you.   Use some of the previous ideas, like writing out your initials in petals or lining the aisle in framed photographs. If you really want to go big, get your own custom runner made, or make your own by decorating, embroidering or writing messages on it before hand. Another cute option, creating a timeline to walk down on your way down the aisle and ending up at the altar where you’ll start your new life together.

Stairs. Another fun twist to changing up the traditional aisle. Coming down the stairs is such a romantic notion; there’s a reason the “stairs entrance” makes an appearance in so many books and movies. Consider a venue that has a staircase for you to descend either as your aisle or right before one.

Love, Mrs. Newman

When You Don’t Want A Wedding Cake

Cake Alternatives

15 Fun Alternatives to the Typical Wedding Cake.

When I talk to most brides about prioritizing their wedding wish list, a lot of times the wedding cake is down towards the bottom. I too was one of those brides, not particularly concerned with having a wedding cake.

If you don’t necessarily want one, or just like the idea of having something different, then you should explore all of the other options out there for wedding day sweets.

Here are my fifteen favorite wedding cake alternatives:

  1. Macaroons. They’re deliscious and so, so pretty.
  2. Ice Cream Bar. Totally fun for guests to make their own ice cream sundaes.
  3. S’mores. I’m uhbsessed with s’more bars. Who doesn’t love s’mores!?
  4. Candy Bars. Go with the traditional self-serve candy bar filled with bulk candies, or up your game with a pretty spread of fancy chocolates.
  5. Cupcakes. It’s like having a cake without actually having a cake. Oh, and you can have plenty of flavors.
  6. Cannoli. A definite yes for you Italian brides, or anyone with functioning taste buds.
  7. Popcorn. Put out a whole bunch of different gourmet flavors. Half dessert, half take away gift.
  8. Pies. All you southern belles should think about this one. Pick between minis or full on pies & slices.
  9. Chocolate Fondue.  Because who doesn’t love a chocolate fountain.
  10. Hot Chocolate Station. Drinking dessert can be fun too, so if you’re a fall or winter bride, look into this one.
  11. Chocolate Covered Strawberries. The epitome of romance!
  12. Donuts. Super trendy right now, and super adorable. Do it.
  13. Cookies. Cookie jars, cookie platters, cookies stacked like a cake. Yes to any, or all of these.
  14. Crêpes. How French of you! Totally unique and totally amazing.
  15. Cake Pops. Because they’re adorable, and portable enough for the dance floor.

Having trouble making one of these fit your wedding vision? Talk to me! You can make just about anything work for your big day with an open mind and a creative eye!

Love, Mrs. Newman

Zapolski Wedding Wishes

Elizabeth and Ryan’s Surprise Wedding Video

Elizabeth’s Maids of Honor reached out to me to make their sister this wedding “You-Take-I-Make” video.  As cousin and bridesmaid to the bride, I was happy to do so!  After the speeches and during dinner, the DJ made an announcement that the bridal party had one last gift for the couple, and we all watched as their loved ones shared their memories and wished them luck.  The entire bridal party along with the parents of the couple sent me home videos of their well wishes, and after editing them all together to some of their favorite Kenny Chesney songs, this is the end product.

Check out my YouTube page for my other You-Take-I-Make Videos, along with my MNW DIY episodes.  If these videos are something you’d like to include in your wedding, contact me here!



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