College Themed Weddings

That Aren’t Tacky.

There are a ton of reasons why you might be considering a wedding themed around a college or university. Most of the time it’s because the couple met and began their relationship at their alma mater, but even if you just share a big time love for a certain college or university’s sports team then you already have the groundwork to theme your big day off your favorite school.

If you want to majorly embrace your school as a part of your day, then you should try to tie a lot of the bigger aspects of your wedding back to your theme.   For some, this can get tricky – yes you want to have a themed wedding, but you don’t want it to feel like a college reunion or official school event. It’s still your wedding, so you need to find the right balance of your theme and your own personal style.

If you’re going big with this, look into venues on the campus itself. Even if you can’t have the reception on site, look into the campus chapel for the ceremony. If you aren’t able to hold your event there, reception or ceremony, stop by for wedding party photos at some point during your day.

Some schools are lucky enough to have color schemes that translate nicely into a wedding color palette.   Add in different shades to give your event depth, and don’t feel like you need to stick only to the exact shades of your alma mater. Work with an event stylist to make sure your décor looks like a wedding and not an alumni event.

Even if you’re unsure of using your school’s colors as your own palette, think about playing around with different shades and complimentary accent colors to make it work for an upscale event, yet still fit the theme.   Again, if this is something you want to do, but question your own ability to execute, hire an event coordinator/event stylist to help you achieve your vision.

For those who want to have more of an underlying theme, nix the theme for the big parts of your big day – like the venue and color scheme. Plan your wedding according to your tastes, and work your love for your school into your nuptials in more subtle ways. Think cake toppers, table number or your card box.  Try working something low-key into your centerpieces, like a school banner or glitzed-up logo accent.

Other great ways to involve your college or university is by ordering themed favors. Go on Etsy and look up college themed favors – the possibilities are endless!  You should also consider photo booth props or college themed signs, especially if you know a lot of your guest list consists of your fellow alums and classmates.

If there was a specific college staple that any alumni would know and appreciate, work it in to reception. For example, any Ohio State fan would appreciate buckeyes added to the dessert table. Or consider adding your college logo to the top of your cupcakes.

The key to planning themed events is knowing your vision and knowing your boundaries. You can keep things from going overboard by using this rule: if you aren’t sure about something, always go with the more subtle version.  Dialing it up is way easier than toning something down.

Mix and match all of the different ideas here until you have just the right amount of your school worked into your wedding. Stick to one or two ideas for a subtle approach, or go all out with your theme and work it into as much as you can.

If you aren’t sure where to draw the line or how to make everything work without venturing into tacky territory, contact me to discuss!

Love, Mrs. Newman