Anniversary Gifts

Traditional Gifts By Year And What Exactly To Buy.

Wedding Anniversary coming up?  Me too!  Actually it’s today, June 1st, AKA the happiest day on Earth.  To me anyways.

Moving on, I love the idea of following traditional anniversary guides, so for the past three years I’ve always tried to work off of what the traditional gift for each is.

It’s fun, and it gives you a good starting point, but some of them are a little weird, at best, and others are just downright hard to apply to modern life (and men).  So, to help a girl out, I’ve made my own list of traditional gifts, along with some real life ideas to ponder.

I must say, however, that you may have to go rogue.  For instance, if your hubby tends to get you lavish gifts, then giving him a bag of candy for your sixth anniversary won’t suffice.  So get him his favorite sweets, but also get him something else.  A tangible gift, or something to do together.  If the  pre-determined gift of the year won’t be enough, add dinner, a couple’s massage or his favorite dessert to the line up.

And also, don’t save lingerie for only years 12 and 13.  Step up your game with some steamy anniversary lovin’ every year, please.  Like a lady.

So without further ado, here’s my Traditional Gift Recap!

Anniversary Gift Guide

First – Paper

Maps. A big world map where you can pinpoint your travels together or smaller framed maps that highlight where you met, live or got married.

Second – Cotton

Linens. Think fun pillow cases, throw pillows with your wedding song lyrics embroidered on, or a personalized throw blanket or quilt.

Third – Leather

Accessories. A leather banded watch, new shoes, a belt. Maybe a new wallet, money clip or passport holder.

Fourth – Fruits or Flowers

Plants, obviously.   Go with floral arrangements similar to your wedding, or if you want something long-lasting, buy a tree or bush to plant at your home.

Fifth – Wood

Pretty Décor. A keepsake box or carved wooden sign with your name or wedding date. Consider any type of housewares they might need, like a bookcase, shelves, or cutting boards.

Sixth – Candy

Sweets! Whatever your hunny’s favorites are, load them up with some sugar.

Seventh – Wool

Clothing or Blankies. Maybe some socks to keep their feet warm after all these years, or a sweater if it fits their tastes. Otherwise try a nice snuggly blanket to cuddle under.

Eighth – Pottery

Plates, Mugs, Dishes.   If not for the kitchen, maybe try a decorative plate or jewelry dish. Add a sweet or sentimental note to make it a little more romantic.

Ninth – Wicker or Willow

Something woven.   A pretty picnic basket set is a perfect gift and turns into a perfect date, too.

Tenth – Tin

Cans. Even if the tin cans hold a different gift altogether, they still fit the bill. New tin coffee cans are good for the java lover, or get creative and turn them into a holder for something else (candy, mints, cigars…)

Eleventh – Steel

Jewelry. Anything stainless steel works, from cufflinks to watches to chains, even keychains or pocketwatches. Lotsa options with this one.

Twelfth – Silk

Linens. Sheets, scarves, maybe some pajamas. My favorite, something silky and sexy, fun lingerie!

Thirteenth – Lace

Lingerie. Yeah. Just lingerie.

Fourteenth – Ivory

Anything Off White. I’m not big into the whole poaching/hunting/killing of animals thing, so I can’t contribute an idea of an actual ivory gift. But it’s a pretty color to go with for house décor, luggage or clothing (lingerie).

Fifteenth – Crystal

Barware. Champagne glasses, tumblers, decanters, wine stoppers. Whatever you get, use to celebrate with and get drunk together.

Twentieth – China

Plates, I guess. But if don’t think new fine china is gonna go over great, look for specialized china, like a monogrammed plate or personalized decorative piece.

Twenty-Fifth – Silver

Jewelry. So, so many options. Engraved watches are one of my favorites, but anything goes. Cufflinks, key-chains, money clips.

Fiftieth – Gold

Tons of Options. Not just jewelry, but pieces for the home, like a clock, frame, globe or décor. Better yet, throw a gold themed anniversary party, because fifty years of marriage is AMAZING.

Love, Mrs. Newman