Bride trying on her dress

So What Will Brides Be Wearing Next Season?

Coming off the heels of fashion week, it’s not hard to tell what the up and coming bridal trends will be next year. For the past few seasons, we’ve seen tons of lace, plenty of open backs, and the rise and fall of birdcage veils. According to new runway trends, we’re all in store for another era of bridal fashion. So what are we all gonna see next year coming down the aisle?

Illusion Dresses

Not only were designers big into illusion necklines, many embraced illusion bodices as well, with carefully placed lace or fabric amidst sheer tulle.   Whether it’s an illusion neckline, back or entire bodice, brides will give a seductive vibe, with enough options out there ranging from subtle to daring.

Removable Skirts

Two-piece dresses have become wildly popular with the help of viral images on Pinterest and Tumblr. Offering two looks, brides can have a big, luscious skirt while they float down the aisle, only to be able to detach it later in the night for a lighter, sexier version of their gown.   One dress, two looks.

Cathedral Veils

Long dramatic veils will rule the aisle in 2016, especially for black tie weddings. Anything on the “upscale” side will most likely include a long, thin, glamorous veil for the walk to the altar.

Flower Crowns

On the opposite end of the style spectrum, for weddings that are more ethereal and relaxed, flower crowns will adorn not only the brides, but also the maids.   If you haven’t been to wedding that’s embraced this new trend yet, it’s only a matter of time now.

Sky-high Slits

Designers are definitely embracing sex appeal right now, and those thigh high slits have finally found their way onto wedding gowns.   This seductive style gives brides looking for a statement a way to amp up their look while still wearing the long white dress they’ve always dreamed about.

The Return Of The Sleeve

Strapless dresses have definitely owned the majority slot for bridal gown necklines since the turn of the century, but their place at the top is over. Off the shoulder, shirt sleeves, and even three-quarters length have all found their way back into the designers eye, and they’re coming back with a vengeance (less the shoulder pads, thank god).

Two Piece Dresses

Tops with separate skirts are on track to grow into one of the biggest trends of 2016 and 2017. With varying ways to execute the style, they’ll appeal to plenty of different tastes. It’s not a secret two piece dresses are a popular look outside of the wedding world, so their entrance into bridal fashion was only a matter of time.

Check out my Pinterest page for some of my favorite bridal styles, including all the recently released styles for the 2016 lines. If you need help with your own bridal style, or want your own bridal stylist, reach out to me and we can talk about it more!


Mrs. Newman