Wedding Traditions & Their Origins

Tradition Origins

The Crazy Reasons Behind Our Wedding Traditions.

Have you ever wondered why we do the things we do? Wonder why we follow certain traditions? Wedding ceremonies are built off old traditions, and even some of the least old-fashioned weddings are still center around old ways …you just might not even realize it.

So do you wanna know some of the origins of typical wedding traditions?

Here are some of the coolest, weirdest and borderline scary reasons behind some parts of your big day.

Rings. Most people know that the wedding ring is worn on the left ring finger because it’s the only finger with the “love vein”, or a vein that runs straight up to the heart. But originally “wedding rings” were woven bands that were worn on ancient Egyptian brides, and they were worn around their wrists and ankles.  There’s still debate over whether or not these original wedding rings were actually shackles, since a lot of brides were taken against their will.  And as far as traditional wedding rings on the hands, they weren’t worn until somewhere around 1000 BC, to help display “ownership” of the woman.

Flowers. So, like, flowers are obviously pretty and romantic and decorative, but the original reason flowers were used in weddings is actually really gross. Flower arrangements in the olden days utilized spices, herbs and the strongest smelling blooms the bride’s family could find to help mask the odor of the bride. Because most weddings took place in the spring and summer, and hygiene wasn’t really a thing back then or something, most women smelled especially gross when it was hot outside, so bouquets and floral arrangements helped mask it.

Wedding Party.  This one’s kind of funny.  Way back when, a lot of marriages happened after the groom successfully kidnapped his bride (ah, romance).   A groom’s wedding party was actually his own mini army, or the people who would ensure he got away with the girl. And the bridesmaids? They were actually decoy brides ….in case anyone tried to steal the girl back, it would be harder for them to tell which one she was. Yeah. Take it all in.  So the original groomsmen were guys that had the groom’s back, just like today, but the bridesmaids consisted of women also on team-groom. My inner feminist is raging.

Veils. The origin of veils isn’t terribly out there, but it is a little comical. Essentially veils were used to keep grooms in arranged marriages from seeing his bride until after they were pronounced man and wife. The kicker is that they used really thick veils, sometimes even almost opaque so that the guy wouldn’t be deterred from marrying her if she wasn’t, you know, nice looking.   And if she ended up being a particular breed of hideous, it would be too late for him to do anything at the unveiling part of the ceremony.

Diamonds. We already discussed how wedding rings began, but an engagement ring, specifically one with a diamond, can be chalked up to medieval times when dowries for brides still existed. Rings with precious stones were used to help cover part of that dowry, and the ring was part of the groom’s proof of payment when his betrothed wore it around on her hand. So lets all thank the medieval dudes for getting something right as we stare down at the shiny diamonds we adorn on our left hands. Yes, I can be bought for a diamond.

Rice Tossing. Showering the new couple as they leave their ceremony or reception is definitely one of the oldest traditions out there, but did you know it didn’t start out as rice tossing, per se? Way back in the day it was considered good luck to throw food at the new couple, primarily bread or wheat based products because they signify fertility.   When brides got fed up with having food thrown at them on their wedding day (because, obviously) people started switching from tossing food to tossing rice or dried grains …still good luck but less obnoxious. Also, in case you haven’t noticed, most people don’t/shouldn’t throw rice any more because it hurts birdies. So toss-up something else to celebrate after your ceremony.

Honeymoons.  Honeymoons are amazing.   A solid week or two after you get married to relish in each other’s company and say bye-bye to the stress of wedding planning and hello to your blissful life together. But do you know why they started? It was actually when a newlywed couple would go into hiding together after the wedding, usually for a month, or a moon cycle.  This was thought to be enough time for anyone who had objections to the union to calm down and not kill either the bride and groom out of spite.  It was also a test of fertility, since one month should be enough time to make a baby.  Talk about pressure.  Regardless, the couple would retreat into a tent or cave and family members would deliver food and honey mead …hence the term “honeymoon”.   Nowadays couple still retreat into “hiding” and let other people cater to them, we just do it on beaches or at fabulous resorts.

White Dresses.   A lot of people think that brides wear white dresses because the white fabric signifies purity and virginity, which it does, technically, but that practice was adopted by the church only in the past two hundred years or so. The real reason white wedding dresses became popular was thanks to Queen Victoria in the 1840s, who started the fashion statement with her super glamorous silver and white gown. Before her, brides just wore the nicest dress they had and color was irrelevant. Between her fashion statement and the adaption that white equals virgin, white wedding dresses became a thing.

Bouquet & Garter Toss.   Another fun tradition stemming from the barbaric. In less civilized times, part of ancient wedding celebrations included the male guests ripping off pieces of the bride’s attire. It was considered good luck to bring home part of the poor girl’s ensemble, so guests would rip and tear pieces right off of her.   A lot of girls ended up next to naked before the party was over, at which point the lucky groom left to go, well, get lucky. Or in more accurate terms, rape his new wife. When weddings became less barbaric down the line, ripping clothes of the bride became taboo, so she would toss her bouquet and garter to help bring good luck to some of the party-goers but be able to leave with her pride in tact.

All in all, there’s a million things about wedding traditions that I bet you didn’t know. Some are funny, some are gross, and some are a little horrifying. Regardless, they’ve all shaped the way we get married today, which I find fascinating, so I hope you’re as entertained by these as I am.

Disclaimer: As a blogger I have the luxury to write and say whatever the eff I please, so take that in to account if you’re using this as a source of research. Everything compiled in this post I learned from Pinterest, other blogs, and miscellaneous articles, in addition to chatter from vendors and brides I’ve worked with along the way.   I am NOT a historian in any way shape or form (shocking, I know).

Love, Mrs. Newman

Color Palette Inspo: Black & White Weddings

Black and White

Black & White & No Others Colors Allowed.

Perfect For: 

Late Fall or Winter

Why We Love It:

It’s classic and chic and romantic, and about as simple as you can get… in the best way. There are a million ways to execute this versatile palette, so whatever ambiance you’re going for, you can achieve with the right designer.

How To Execute:

The best way to make sure your black and white wedding turns out as picturesque as you envision is by making sure you have an extremely neutral venue. Any place with color will automatically give you an unwanted accent color on your wedding day. Obviously dressing the bridal party in black and white will be easy, and sleek af, but get creative with your bridal style so that reflects your own tastes …think black dress, short dress or sexy black diamond jewelry.

When it comes to décor, play around with patterns to add depth, but be cautious of anything too matchy-matchy.  I know it might be tempting to add an accent color, but don’t.  Use metallics, sheen or texture as your “accents”.   A entirely black and white wedding will look sleek and elegant, but adding a third color can make the event look dated with an eighties vibe – like a bad color-block outfit. Work with an event designer if you don’t trust your own styling skills.

Fun Features:

Anemones are the perfect black and white flower for this color scheme. Or consider black florals (usually a super dark plum hue) because they’re an absolutely stunning option and aren’t overused. Incorporate texture using black lace and satin linens, or work in just the right amount of black glitter to give your event some sparkle.

Love, Mrs. Newman

No Kids Allowed

Adults Only

Weddings & Children & Other People’s Feelings.

If you’ve sent out Save the Dates, then you’ve probably already been hit with a few excited responses from your future wedding guests. Most people who you see or run into while you’re engaged will just happily extend their excitement, or want an update on how the planning is going. But sometimes, people start asking questions that they probably don’t realize are kind of rude, or at best, annoying.

I’m talking the whole “Do I get a plus one?” or “Did you invite so and so?” or “are children invited?”

As if planning your wedding guest list isn’t hard enough, handling people’s input can make it even worse. And hopefully you won’t run into this much, but chances are you’ll probably get at least one rude inquiry from someone along the way (but to be fair, they probably don’t realize they’re being rude).

The plus one and guest list inquiries can be pretty easily managed by leaning on venue space restrictions, so use that crutch along the way as a quick and effective response.

The kids question can be settled easily too with a no kids policy. The problem with this specific issue is that it’s the one most people get offended or upset by, especially if they learn that you’re still having a flower girl or ring bearer.  And dealing with other’s people’s feelings can be the worst sometimes (why sometimes being a bridezilla can be helpful… more on that here).

(And to be clear, it’s perfectly acceptable to have a small handful of kiddos there if they’re a part of the bridal party. And you can still have a no-kids policy for the wedding. It’s the catch-22 for an adults only wedding when you want to include your own kid/niece/nephew/goddaughter… etc.  Catering to one or two kiddos is completely different than planning an event that is kid-friendly)

But if you go this route, this is when you might start hearing from your extended guest list about whom they can bring with them to your big day.

People live and die by their children, and they wear their blinders to the logistics of what having kids at a wedding actually entails for you, the couple getting married.

So if you have someone inquiring about bringing kids, or worse, planning on bringing them even though they weren’t on the invitation, how do you handle it?

Well, to be honest, it’s probably going to be a little uncomfortable.

The good news is that I can give you about a million reasons to justify why having kids and babies at your wedding won’t work. Is it a black tie affair? Those really aren’t for kids. Are you trying to keep it small and intimate? Kids are easy to nix from a list. Not interested in having a baby cry though your vows? I think that’s reasonable. Don’t want to bother with a kids menu? Your chef will thank you. Will your party be a little PG-13? Not a great place for minors then.

Look, kids are great. I adore my niece and nephews, and all of the little ones in my life. But it’s okay to have a wedding that doesn’t include them. Hosting an event that is kid friendly can be hard, and if it’s not something you want, its unnecessary.

To be honest, it probably won’t be that much fun for them anyways – it’s the parents that want them there, whether it’s so they can have family photos taken or not have to worry about a babysitter or to have an excuse to dress them up in a cute party outfit. But none of those things concern you.   Bottom line is, if you make the call as a couple to not have kids at your wedding, then its done. No kids. Sorry not sorry.

The bad news in this situation is that you might have to face an angry or offended parent. And you’re probably not a terrible person, so I’m sure you’re struggling with the fact that you hurt someone’s feelings.  But they key here is, it’s not their wedding, it’s yours.  So you have to make the call on what works best for your big day.

So what exactly should you say?

You smile, and nod, and tell them that you totally understand where they’re coming from, but due to the nature of your wedding you’ve decided its best not to include any children other than the bridal party, and that you hope that they respect your choice by coming to your wedding and enjoying a nice night out, away from the kids.

And on the inside, you can roll your eyes at them and judge them for making this harder on you than it already is before letting their rude question roll off your back. Then you can get back to prepping for the happiest day of your life.

Love, Mrs. Newman

Living Together 101

Living Together 101

How To Move In Together And Not Hate It.

So, if you’re engaged, or have discussed getting engaged, there’s a decent chance that you either plan on moving in together soon (because test drives are important), you already live together (living in sin, like I did), or you’ll be moving in together as soon as you get hitched (you little angel).

Regardless, if you plan on moving in with your significant other, shits about to change for you.   Living together in the same space is an adjustment, and it can be hard. I mean it’s honestly just like having any other roommate except this one isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.   I bet eternity seems like kind of a long time now, doesn’t it.

Don’t totally panic about moving in together, because honestly, it’s going to be one of the best times in your life. But along with the eternal slumber party, breakfast and dinner dates, and long Sundays of Netflix binging together in bed, you’ll also encounter a few new quirks about your new “roomie”. Like their inability to do dishes, or that they fold all your clothes wrong, or that they leave wet towels on your bed (looking at you babe).

Luckily, moving in together can also be really, really fun.   But it doesn’t hurt to have a few helpful hints to make the transition easier.

My Advice For Living Together

Separate Bathrooms.   I know this isn’t always an option, but if it is, do it. Bathrooms get gross easily, and actually seeing each others grooming techniques isn’t always glamorous. Best to have some secrets in this department, in my opinion.   (Note: There won’t be many secrets along the road of a lengthy marriage, so you also need to be comfortable enough to laugh at each other when anything “gross” pops up…. in sickness and in health, remember?)

Separate Spaces. Also ideal if you can swing it, having your own space will help keep you sane. Whether it’s a man cave for him and an extra bedroom turned dressing room for you, try to have somewhere that is your own domain.   Even if you have a teensy apartment, a recliner for him and window seat for you will give you both a sense of having one place that’s all yours.

Alone Time. Same concept as above, but I’m talking about outside your home. You’re gonna need a breather from each other at some point, so having something that you do regularly on your own will help you keep some of your own identity, independent of your new co-dependent living arrangements.   And if you can schedule it on opposite days, you’ll both benefit from some alone time at home too (full control of the remote, yes please).

Candles.   Matches and candles are a couple’s best friend when you’re acclimating to being in each other’s business all the time. Sorry, but shit happens, literally. And boys can be smelly. Girls too I suppose.   So matches and candles and incense… yeah some of each in ALL bathrooms and any common areas.

Split Chores. I know this one might seem easy enough, but it’s actually worth a conversation. If the two of you can figure out who does what around the house, then its more likely that no one will feel overwhelmed or taken advantage of. Even if it’s not exactly even, if it’s an arrangement that you’ve both agreed works for your household, you’ll be better off. For instance; I do most of the cleaning around the house, but my husband has a list of chores that are completely on him – like vacuuming, taking out the trash, changing light bulbs, plunging toilets, fixing clogs, anything car related, pumping gas or walking the dog at night. Haven’t done a one of those in a few years now.

Two Demands. It probably won’t take long until you find the one or two things that drive you nuts about your partner. Shoes in the middle of the room? Dirty dishes in the sink? Wet f*cking towels on your bed? (Matthew.) And I hate to break it to you, but you probably also have a habit or two that they hate as well.   Make hard rules for these ones. Each pick your one thing that is an absolute no-no, and change your ways. Because, compromise.

Hooks & Hardware. Sometimes its just the littlest things that can drive each other crazy, like clothes all over the floor, or messy junk drawers, or even stacks of mail that get built up into never-ending piles. Whatever little things are bugging you, instead of nagging each other, find simple solutions. Put hooks up anywhere that things get thrown about, or add extra hampers wherever clothes get tossed on the floor. Get compartment organizers or drawer spacers to help keep things neat. Look into hanging up a cute mail holder on your wall. Instead of fighting over it, find organizational solutions that will resolve the problem before it turns into an argument.

Remember that this should be a fun and happy time, so if you stay positive and excited about it, chances are your relationship will stay positive and exciting too. Focus on all the fun parts, and enjoy your new adventure together.

I mean if you plan on marrying or spending your life with someone, then living together is a part of the deal. It’s fun to have your best friend by your side at the end of the day, and even better waking up to their face every morning. Don’t ever forget that!

Love, Mrs. Newman

DIY Pillowcases


Quick & Easy & Super Cute Couples’ Pillowcases!

This might have been the easiest DIY craft that I’ve attempted yet. We’ve all seen the totally adorable couples’ pillowcases on Pinterest, so when I bought pillows for my cousin’s bridal shower, I thought to myself how cute it would be to throw in a set of personalized pillowcases too!

After I looked at some of the different options online (there are so many cute ideas, from stick figures, to quotes, to initials), I decided to go with a simple monogram.

I’m not kidding you… this project took me approximately ten minutes.

Here’s What To Do:

All you need is a set of cotton pillowcases, fabric markers, and a magazine or newspaper (to keep the markers from seeping onto the backside of the pillowcase).

To start, set out your first pillowcase and slip your magazine/newspaper/scrap-paper inside the case.   Then pick and finalize your design… test it out on paper or even on an old t-shirt.

If you aren’t confident with your free-hand writing or drawing skills, print out your design and slip it inside the case. You should be able to see through the case if you print it in bold and black, and then you can just trace over it to help guide you as you transfer it onto the pillow.

I also used an old white t-shirt (yes it was one of yours, sorry husband) to make sure my fabric markers were working properly along the way. A lot of fabric markers require you to shake the ink up to the tip, so before continuing with my design I would test it on the old throw-away shirt to make sure I didn’t have any major bleeds.

For the second pillowcase, make sure you turn the case around so that the closed ends meet in the middle, and the open ends are facing away from each other. You don’t want to do the exact same design with the pillowcase facing the same way, it needs to be reversed to that they work as a pair.

Once you’re done, use a fine point fabric marker to help blend any bumpy lines and smooth out your design. I would let them sit for a little bit just in case, but they really do dry almost instantly. So I had mine folded up and packaged with the pillows less than a half an hour from when I started working on them.

On a scale of one to ten for difficulty level, this project was a negative two. So quick, so easy, and so adorable. Also, it was really inexpensive!  Get everything at Michael’s, Joann Fabrics or even Target!

Questions? Just ask me! Happy crafting!
Love, Mrs. Newman

Star Wars Weddings

Star Wars Wedding

Having The Force With You On Your Wedding Day.

Sorry, but as an avid Star Wars geek I couldn’t help but explore this wedding trend today! And also, May the Fourth be you, to all my fellow fans.

If you get online, or specifically on Pinterest, you’ll see that Star Wars weddings are actually more common than you think.  So if you find yourself toying with the idea of working it in somehow, you’re not alone.

Whether or not you’re seriously considering incorporating this mega movie franchise into your wedding, if you have any adoration for the series at all you can at least appreciate some of the following.

Fun Star Wars Wedding Ideas

Stars and Lighting. Go subtle with starry night lighting across the ceiling of your venue, or make the message clear by incorporating laser lights.

Hair. Obviously Leia-buns are a surefire way to express your love of the movies, especially if you’re already wearing all white. What groom doesn’t want his very own Princess Leia?

Outfits. If you’re going all in with a Star Wars Wedding, then you could totally rock some costumes. But if you’d prefer it be more subtle, look into Star Wars accessories instead; socks, ties, undershirts.

Cake Toppers.   Leia and Hans topping your cake? Perfect. Working in other Star Wars desserts? Even better! I’ve seen lightsaber pretzels and Leia cupcakes. Get creative!

Take-Aways. This one is another fun option that’s quirky but won’t take over your wedding. Consider sending guests home with Star Wars candy, those light up glow sticks or halos.

Décor. Even if your wedding isn’t themed out, you can still work in some understated details that highlight your favorite movie. Get creative with your table numbers, signage, place settings…

Grand Exit. Instead of a sparkler send off what about a lightsaber send off? Run out through your very own tunnel of lightsabers (or glowsticks).

Hidden Secrets. Maybe your love of Star Wars is more behind the scenes with the two of you. Choose something to surprise him or her with later; your garter or your lingerie, for instance.

Jewelry/Accessories. I’ve seen Star Wars cufflinks, buttons, and just about every type of jewelry imaginable. They really do make Star Wars themed everything, so if it suits you, wear it.

Photobooth Props. Never forget the photo ops! Get some Star Wars themed pictures by stacking your photobooth with all the necessary props.

Whatever it is that you want to work into your wedding, do it! Making your big day fit your own personal style is one of the best parts of wedding planning. So go on and get in touch with your inner Star Wars nerd.

Love, Mrs. Newman

April Showers Bring May Flowers

May Flowers

The Prettiest Spring Blooms!

Happy May! It’s been a remarkably cold spring so far, but here in upstate New York I think it’s about to warm up a bit this week! In honor of spring’s arrival, let’s look at all the pretty flowers that are blooming right about now… just in time to help kick off wedding season and to help all you Spring Brides planning your big day!

Tulip Sweet Pea Flowers Ranunculis Peonies Paperwhites Gerber Freesia Cornflowers Calla Lily Assorted Lilies Anemones

May Flowers:

  • Freesia
  • Paperwhites
  • Calla Lily
  • Assorted Lilies
  • Gerber Daisies
  • Tulips
  • Sweet Pea Flowers
  • Anemones
  • Ranunculis
  • Cornflowers
  • Peonies

Love, Mrs. Newman

Irish Weddings

Irish Weddings

Incorporating The Luck Of The Irish!

Are you wondering how to tie your Irish roots into your big day? Whether you’re Irish, part Irish or marrying into a big Irish family, here are the best ways to work your heritage’s wedding traditions into your wedding.

Irish Wedding Traditions

Horseshoes. They symbolize good luck, so add a pretty piece of jewelry with a horseshoe to your ensemble. Or consider adding a horseshoe pendent to your bouquets, garter or boutonnieres.

Six pence. This one is an old Irish tradition. Brides would wear a silver sixpence in their left shoe during the ceremony, which would supposedly lead to a marriage filled with happiness, joy and wealth.

Handfasting. Essentially this is a literal act of tying the knot.   The couple holds hands while the officiant wraps their hands in a pretty cord, signifying their new marriage and unity.

Bells. Incorporating bells into your wedding is supposed to bring good luck and harmony while fending off negative energy. There are tons of ways to work them in; think bouquets, centerpieces, décor or even strung up with hanging lights.

Wildflower Crowns. Traditionally brides getting married in Ireland didn’t wear veils, they wore flower headpieces made out of pretty wildflowers. Obviously I’m totally into the flower crown trend, but I love that it also is a tradition from my heritage.

Claddagh Rings. A more commonly known Irish tradition, but not always worked into weddings. A Claddagh Ring on the left ring finger with the heart pointed up towards your wrist signifies that you’re married. Even if you don’t want one as your wedding band, they’re still a pretty addition to your wedding day jewelry; worn on the right hand and pointed inwards still signifies that your heart is spoken for.

Braided Hair. Braids are another Irish staple, but what most people don’t realize is that they’re also supposed to bring good luck. Work a braid into your updo or consider a pretty Elsa braid on your big day. Another fun way to make your hair or maybe your bridesmaids’ more “Irish” is by incorporating Celtic Knots (see bottom right of header image).

Oathing Stones. This can be done a few different ways, so take a peek online or on Pinterest to find your favorite. I personally like when a couple places their hands together on a stone while reciting their vows, which is said to “set them in stone”. Another option is to have wedding guests hold onto stones during the ceremony and then collect them in a pretty vase or bowl afterwards to display in your own home.

Need more ideas on how to work your Irish roots into your wedding? Ask me! I’d love to help you work the luck of the Irish into your big day!

Love, Mrs. Newman

Evil Maids Of Honor

Maid of Honor

How To Be The Best MOH In All The Land!

Your bestie/sister is getting married and you’re the lucky lady that gets to be her MOH! Yay!

Most girls have been in a wedding or two, but even if you’re new here, this post should help you avoid being everyone’s worst nightmare; an evil maid of honor.

So what makes a MOH bad? Same thing that makes a regular person the worst; being self-centered, expectant, unreasonable, stubborn, bossy or a know it all.

If you’ve been known to be any of those things (hey girl, we all have flaws)…you gotta learn how to set those traits on the back burner while you step up and be the best maid of honor, ever.

It’s not that hard to focus your attention on the bride during her engagement. Once you accept the responsibility of being the MOH, you should commit to not only the job, but to doing the job well.

Here’s what you should consider.

Time. Be aware of how much time you’re asking the rest of the bridal party for. Doing everything in one weekend, that you’ve cleared with their schedules, great! Spreading things out over a bunch of different weekends, less great. Also make sure that you’re giving everyone ample notice for all the wedding festivities. The bridal party should be the first people who know all of the important dates.

Travel.   Chances are you have at least one out of towner in your group. Consider the added costs for them, especially with last-minute plans or changes. If they buy a plane ticket in for the shower, don’t change the date after the fact. Or if you’re traveling somewhere as a group, make sure the travel expenses are acceptable to everyone.

Budgets. Being in a wedding costs money, obviously. But some weddings cost more than others… so as the MOH, you should take on the role of discussing budgets when it comes to the shower and bachelorette festivities with the girls so that the bride doesn’t have to stress over it anymore than she probably already is. And discuss budgets with the girls individually; it’s the only way you’ll get an honest answer.

Communication. One of the best things you can do as the MOH is to communicate clearly when and where the rest of the bridal party should be. Make sure you clear all dates before scheduling anything and do your best to pick dates and times that work for the whole group.

Feelings. As the MOH you sort of take on an unspoken role of “mom” of the group. You need to make sure everything works for everyone as best you can, that you aren’t catering to anyone more than others (besides the bride) and that the entire group is working together cohesively to make the brides engagement and wedding the best it can be.

So what are some of the best ways to go above and beyond when it comes to being the wedding ring leader?

Here Are My Tips:

Avoid group messages. They’re good for relaying information quickly, but when everyone starts responding and overloading the conversation with their own thoughts and ideas, it can get confusing. Talking, texting and emailing one on one while everything is in the planning phase will make it way easier on you. Save the big mass email with all the finalized details for the week of the shower or bachelorette.

Take charge and ownership. Sometimes getting a group of people to all agree on everything just doesn’t happen.   As the MOH you can pull rank and make decisions when there are conflicting opinions on what or how to do things. As long as the bride is happy with what you pick the rest of the group will be able to rally behind giving her a good time.   You’re her MOH for a reason, so take ownership of the role.

Embrace the financial obligation. The best thing you can do for yourself is to understand upfront that you’re probably going to foot more of the bill as the MOH. Trying to keep to everyone’s budget might mean helping out someone who can’t contribute as much. If you’re bitter about paying more than everyone else just remember what an honor you’ve been given by the bride, and focus your energy (and wallet) on giving her everything that she deserves.

Use credit (responsibly). As the main festivity planner you’ll probably be fronting the down payments, reservation costs and anything else that you need to book in advance. Get a card (with cashback bonuses!) and set it to a limit that you’re comfortable with. Then use the money you get from the rest of the group to pay it off. Pay it off right away so you don’t get stuck carrying over the balance. Credit can be extremely beneficial when used the right way, so tune up you’re adulting skills and use a cc to plan and pay, but pay it off and close it out immediately afterwards.

Keep the focus on the bride. This card will always be your best friend should any drama arise. Remind whoever is creating waves that it isn’t about them it’s about the bride. When it gets stressful, or annoying, turn your attention back to your best friend. Yes, being an MOH can be overwhelming, but it’s worth it when you see how happy you can make her during this special time in her life.

Hopefully you find these tips helpful, or maybe you have someone in mind that could benefit from reading these. Either way, the bottom line is that you should always focus on the bride’s happiness. Shitty MOH’s rarely lead to happy brides.

Love, Mrs. Newman

Make Your Own Flower Crown Party

Flower Crown Party

Grab Your Girls & Get Crafty!

Love the look of flower crowns?  Well gather your friends and make your own over a few glasses of wine and some yummy snacks in under an hour or two!  Check out the pics from my own flower crown making party in honor of Coachella – though it’s also a great idea for your bridal shower, bachelorette weekend, or wedding.

Supplies! Cat optional. Fake flowers, stem wire, and thin green wire to attach everything together. The cat always needs to supervise. Flower options, cut and ready to go! Flower options, cut and ready to go! Assembly over a glass of wine! Assembly over a glass of wine! Wire wrapping the flowers on! Wire wrapping the flowers on! Assembly over a glass of wine! Finished Product Friends & Florals Friends & Florals Friends & Florals Flower Crown Group Shot Flower Crown Group Shot
Supplies! Cat optional.

We used bunch of brightly colored fake blooms, but you can also use real flowers for a more ethereal, whimsical look (just go easy on the wine, you’ll need a softer touch with real blooms).

See here for my original tutorial!  Or if you’re interested in getting your own made for you (by yours truly), give me a call!

Love, Mrs. Newman