Bride in chucks

It’s officially Wedding Season, the happiest time of year!  At least, I think it is.  But a lot of people don’t.  When weddings and showers and bachelorette parties occupy almost every weekend of your summer, it can all turn in to one big blur.  When someone’s calendar is chalk full of weddings and all the festivities that come with it, these joyous occasions all start to blend together.   So, in world filled with weddings, how do you make yours stand out?

Be you-nique!  I know, that’s cheesy, but hear me out.  Your wedding is supposed to be centered around you and your man.  So make your day reflect that!  Include things that are unique to you both, things that reflect your personalities.   Keep the traditional parts that are important to you, but work in themes or accents that will make your guests think, “this is SO them”.    Personify your wedding day by adding pieces of yourselves – your likes, your interests, your favorite things. People will look back on your wedding and know that it was yours they are remembering.

Don’t be afraid to break the rules when it comes to planning.  Traditions are great – keep the ones you value and will add meaning to your wedding, like having your dad walk you down the aisle, or having your first dance.  But don’t feel obligated to follow every wedding rule and tradition you’ve ever heard of.  It’s unnecessary, and is a surefire way to have cookie-cutter wedding that is completely forgettable (sorry for my candor).   Not into veils?   Put some pretty flowers in your hair, or don’t wear anything at all.   Hate cake?  Pick a different dessert.  Let your own personal style guide you, and know that you can make this wedding anything you want it to be.  Don’t feel pressure it make it anything other than what you and your partner envision.

I’m stealing some ideas from the weddings I’ve been to help give you some inspiration.   One example I can give is my own big day.  We wanted to do something unique and special at our reception, that people would remember.   And anyone who knows me, knows I’m not exactly camera shy.  I love it.  And I also really enjoy editing fun family videos.  So my hubby and I decided we should make our own video to show at our wedding.  We used the help of our family and friends to tell the story of our relationship.  With the help of my tech-savvy step brother, we were even able to capture footage the day of our wedding, and with some quick editing between the ceremony and reception, had that included in our “wedding movie”.   It seemed like our guests enjoyed it, and most importantly, WE loved it.  It was unique, and funny, and a good reflection of us.  And now we have it to re-watch on anniversaries, or with our future children.  (Click here to view it if you’d like).

Another wedding that I found fun and different was the fall wedding of our friends a few years back.  The couple really made the day reflect them as a couple.  The bride picked a printed bridesmaid dress from J Crew for her girls, that was just SO her.  And they looked just beautiful.  They also rented a local school bus as their transportation for the day.  It ran the bridal party around all day, and then later in the evening was how all the guests got to and from the reception.  It was SO MUCH FUN.  And it really fit them.  Fun, and convenient for their guests (and safe, bonus).  One of the best ideas I’ve seen at a wedding.

My brother and sister in law’s wedding is another one to highlight.  My husband’s brother is a sailor through and through.  They grew up on the water, and now not only does he sail himself but he coaches as well.  And my sister in law’s style is SO nautical and crisp.   Together they look like a commercial for Sperry Topsiders.  And so what do you think their wedding theme was?  Correct- very nautical.  The guys were in khaki and navy, and the girls wore navy and had little hints of pink in the bouquets.   They married overlooking the water, and celebrated with the reception in a  yacht club.  It was such an accurate reflection on their likes and interests.

For some additional inspiration, here are a few fun things I’ve seen over the years that have contributed to the couples own personal vision and style.  Have your puppy be in the bridal party, or let your maid of honor wear her own dress color to stand out.  Have two maids of honor, and don’t worry if you don’t have an even number of guys and girls.  Wear a short dress if it fits your style better, or long sleeves.  Not into flowers?  Use something fun and creative for your centerpieces, like colorful glass beads in vases, or pumpkins if its fitting.   Father daughter dances can be touchy for various reasons… try a family dance, where you begin dancing and have family members cued up to cut in, and continue on until everyone is up and dancing.

Don’t get lost in the shuffle of wedding season.  Do things your way, so when its your turn to host the party, its an entertaining representation of you as a couple.  You and your fiancé should have fun with it.  Come up with creative ideas, and get excited about how you can add fun accents and little flairs that suit you both.  Do that, and when its all over, you’ll be happy, and so will your guests.


Mrs. Newman