Finding A Wedding Theme That Isn’t Tired

It’s fun to pick your wedding style, and having a theme can really help narrow down all of those endless options you have when planning your nuptials. Over the past years, honing in on a specific wedding vision has become wildly popular. The downside to this is that these themes have become so overdone that they don’t always portray a “unique” feel, which is usual what the couple is after.

We all know the most overdone wedding themes lately are those barn weddings or Gatsby inspired bashes. And while I love both of those ideas, the originality of doing that has come and gone. Not that you couldn’t individualize it with your own personal touches, but your guests will most likely have been to one that’s been pretty similar.

So, what’s a bride to do? Let’s discuss a few fun wedding themes and party styles that with the right touches will make your wedding stand out from the rest.

Old Hollywood. So the vintage glam thing has definitely been done, but if you take that theme a step further with red carpets, spotlights and a few homages to the classics, you’ll definitely set yourself apart. Do black and white with a deep red or maroon accent, and finish the look with hints of gold. Think a roped off entryway with a photographer capturing everyone as they arrive, or tables labeled with old movies like Casablanca and Gone With The Wind.   Passed hour-d’ourves and champagne trays during cocktail hour and popcorn in the classic red and white boxes as takeaways can help complete the retro feel.

Secret Garden. A garden theme isn’t exactly new either, but if you love the idea of a garden wedding, there are a lot of unexplored ways to make it unique.  Skip a color palette and go with all neutrals; whites, creams and blushes. Then use all types of flowers and greenery to make your event as colorful and vibrant as a real garden is. Go over the top with your flowers, and a lot a decent amount of your budget to your florist. Incorporate pretty outdoor benches or even picnic tables (but have your designer help you dress them up). Stick with an open tent, or if possible keep the entire event outdoors. Incorporate a tree planting ceremony and give out seeds as a takeaway so guests can put part of your wedding into their own gardens.

Cozy Winter. I love off-season weddings, not only because they’re extremely budget friendly, but also because they have so many more ways to differentiate your day. Getting married in the winter months already give you the colder temps and snowy backdrops depending on your geographic locations, so that’s a great starting point or a wintry ambiance.   Have an extensive coffee and hot chocolate bar, or incorporate ice sculptures. Pick a venue with a cozy feel, and look for places with fireplaces or covered outdoor areas with fire pits or pretty space heaters- put out blankets to encourage snuggling around the fire!   Consider ski lodges or mountain resorts.

Summer Carnival. This one is a fun option for those who are still kids at heart. Offer fun treats like fried dough, candy apples or corn dogs. Look into getting a food truck or two, or maybe even rent a few carnival games. Better yet, make your own game stations. Keep it whimsical with soft colors and string lights.  Get an old-fashioned photobooth, the kind that’ll print the strips on site. End the night like most carnivals end theirs; with fireworks!

Reading Wonderland. For the couple with their noses always in a book, this theme is perfect. Tables can be labeled with your favorite books; prop them up as part of the centerpieces.   You can do lots of different things to incorporate books on the table, just work with your event coordinator.   Use excerpts from your most beloved novels during the ceremony. The guestbook can be your favorite story, and you can send everyone home with customized bookmarks.   If you don’t want a typical wedding registry, you can even request everyone bring you something to add to your ever-growing library in place of a wedding gift.


Hopefully these themes have sparked your creative side, and even if you don’t want to go with any of the above, I know you can find something else that suits you and your partner. If you still want to find a wedding style that is fun and different, but are feeling stuck, then reach out to me and we can find your wedding style together.


Mrs. Newman