Considering A Fall Wedding Date?  Why I’m Onboard!

Hate to break it to you die-hard summer-lovers, but with all the back to school pics getting posted and the return of pumpkin coffee in your local cafes, I think its time to start embracing the fastly approaching autumn season. While I’m always sad to see summer end, I personally adore the fall. It’s actually my favorite season – think of all the seasonal food, the fall outfits, and of course the return of football season (Go Bills!).   And September being one the most popular wedding months is just an added bonus for me, a wedding-diehard.

I’ve also noticed a few new engagement rings popping up on my timeline, which means more friends and family members weddings are on the horizon! If you’re one of the lucky ones who will be beginning their adventures in wedding planning this fall, then I’m writing this post for you! Consider a fall wedding date. It’ll be the perfect timeline for you – just over a year, PLUS fall wedding are just SO gorgeous. Here’s why…

The colors. I mean, duh. I love the colors of fall – the foliage, the darker hues and the earth tones.   You can have those jewel tone color schemes or the darker bridesmaids dresses that wouldn’t suit a spring or summer date. Plus the fall flowers are so stunning – check this one or this one.   Fall arrangements also allow for more creativity, like branches, pumpkins or burlap. The changing leaves are so beautiful, and better yet – free, so instead of paying for rose petals, use the fallen leaves.

Speaking of pumpkins, we all know fall is the season that people go crazy for pumpkin. From pumpkin food to pumpkin décor, there are tons of ways to incorporate your love of pumpkin.   Using pumpkins as your centerpiece vase is adorable AND affordable.   Have pumpkin pie as a dessert option, or offer pumpkin coffee or lattes.

Fall wedding dates provide cooler weather, obviously, so if you’re not interested in frizzy hair and sweaty wedding guests, a fall date might be for you.   Having mild temps is good if you are drawn to longer bridesmaids dresses, or heavier fabrics. It’s also ideal for those fashionistas who love wedding dresses with sleeves, high necklines, or illusion tops.

Don’t forget about the wedding photos, or as I like to call it, the second most important part of your wedding day. If you pick an autumn month, you’ll get to capture your photos with the backdrop of all the foliage. Other ways to take advantage of nature’s backdrop in the fall include standing in the fallen leaves, taking pictures in the apple orchards, or heading to your local corn maze.

Aside from the month of September, which falls at the end of wedding-season, fall months are technically off-season. Which means event venues tend to have lower prices, yay! Consider an October or November date, when you can embrace your fall wedding, but get the added perk of a discount.   Your wedding will also be less likely to conflict with anyone elses, which is always nice.

Clearly I’m a fall wedding fan, so I say go for it. If you still have hang ups about a fall wedding then reach out to me and let’s talk about it.   No matter when/where/what you pick for your wedding day, you’ll always have some reservations.   With a little thought and by implementing strategies, you can feel confidant with whatever is that you decide.


Mrs. Newman