Quick & Easy & Super Cute Couples’ Pillowcases!

This might have been the easiest DIY craft that I’ve attempted yet. We’ve all seen the totally adorable couples’ pillowcases on Pinterest, so when I bought pillows for my cousin’s bridal shower, I thought to myself how cute it would be to throw in a set of personalized pillowcases too!

After I looked at some of the different options online (there are so many cute ideas, from stick figures, to quotes, to initials), I decided to go with a simple monogram.

I’m not kidding you… this project took me approximately ten minutes.

Here’s What To Do:

All you need is a set of cotton pillowcases, fabric markers, and a magazine or newspaper (to keep the markers from seeping onto the backside of the pillowcase).

To start, set out your first pillowcase and slip your magazine/newspaper/scrap-paper inside the case.   Then pick and finalize your design… test it out on paper or even on an old t-shirt.

If you aren’t confident with your free-hand writing or drawing skills, print out your design and slip it inside the case. You should be able to see through the case if you print it in bold and black, and then you can just trace over it to help guide you as you transfer it onto the pillow.

I also used an old white t-shirt (yes it was one of yours, sorry husband) to make sure my fabric markers were working properly along the way. A lot of fabric markers require you to shake the ink up to the tip, so before continuing with my design I would test it on the old throw-away shirt to make sure I didn’t have any major bleeds.

For the second pillowcase, make sure you turn the case around so that the closed ends meet in the middle, and the open ends are facing away from each other. You don’t want to do the exact same design with the pillowcase facing the same way, it needs to be reversed to that they work as a pair.

Once you’re done, use a fine point fabric marker to help blend any bumpy lines and smooth out your design. I would let them sit for a little bit just in case, but they really do dry almost instantly. So I had mine folded up and packaged with the pillows less than a half an hour from when I started working on them.

On a scale of one to ten for difficulty level, this project was a negative two. So quick, so easy, and so adorable. Also, it was really inexpensive!  Get everything at Michael’s, Joann Fabrics or even Target!

Questions? Just ask me! Happy crafting!
Love, Mrs. Newman