Colorful Wedding Gowns

Because Not Everyone Wants To Wear White.

So you’re thinking of straying from the traditional white gown. I love it! I’m all for doing things your own way, so making sure you’re dressed in your own style is a big must.

My guess is you might be struggling a bit with this decision. Even if you are confident in wearing something besides white, you still might be hit with outsiders doubts or opinions, which can make any girl question herself.

Luckily, I got your back. There are so many amazing dresses out there that come in other colors besides white. Like this one, or this one, or my fave – this one!

If you find yourself needing justification to wear something that strays from the norm, consider this; your wedding is a reflection of you, so if a big white dress doesn’t do that, then take that as your green light to think outside the box.

If you have a staple favorite color, then consider finding a gown in that hue. If everyone knows that you live and die for pink, then you should totally be wearing a pick dress for your walk down the aisle. Tried and true New Yorker that’s never worn anything that isn’t at least 50% black, then maybe you get hitched in a LBD. Or consider a gown with black accents or embellishments.

Even if you don’t have some staple fashion wise, or notorious favorite color, you can still get a different colored wedding gown. You don’t need a reason other than wanting to do something different. If you find a blue gown that makes you feel like a knockout, go with that – plus you’ll be covering your something-blue.

Colorful gowns are perfect for second go-arounds too; when a bride feels even a little uncomfortable in white, then I say go big with a brand new color scheme and wedding gown.

If you’re thinking that white might not be your thing, but something bright and vivid isn’t settling well, then you should try on a few different muted shades. Think light pink, peach, grey or taupe. Most dresses come in off-white shades, so make sure you find out all of your color options before deciding against a gown. Some brides are surprised to learn their dress comes in different color options; but most of them do!

Make sure you look at fabric samples, and find a boutique and consultant that you trust to help you find exactly the shade of gown you’re looking for. It might take a little bit more time and energy to find a colorful gown, but it’ll definitely be worth it!

If you’re still on the fence, reach out to me and we can talk through it. Or, if you’re interested in wedding styling help, give me a call to discuss!

Love, Mrs. Newman