White Weddings

All White Everything… With Hints of Grey and Cream.

Perfect For: 

New Years all through the spring!

Why We Love It:

White already screams wedding, but having all white everything can give your day a regal, elegant, and sophisticated vibe.  Is it intimidating? A little.  But with the right eye and event coordination, you’re white wedding wonderland will be stunning.  There’s a reason white weddings are trending in the celeb wedding world lately, à la Kim Kardashian West.

How To Execute:

With white as your main color, you’ll want to make sure you play around with different patterns and fabrics when it comes to the decor.  Add as much depth as you can with linens, candles, embellishments and flowers to your venue.  Put the girls in white, but keep their gowns simple.  If you’re afraid they’ll look too bridal, keep them in short dresses or pick a fabric that’ll stand apart from you, like lace.  But remember that you’ll be the one in the biggest, bestest, and most beautiful white gown, so try not to let this deter you from going with a white wedding.  For the guys, grey works well; white suits can get tacky and black tuxes might be too harsh with your palette.  The cream color will come into play with your flowers, as a lot of “white” flowers actually photograph cream, but the slight off white will help add depth to your vision.  You can also use the cream as a subtle accent; napkins, ribbon on the bouquet, place settings.

Fun Features:

Anything wedding related comes in white, so you’ll have plenty of options to pick from when picking out all of your details – invitations, cakes, linens, chair covers.  Include an all white candy bar, or send your guests home with white macaroons as wedding favors.  If you get married earlier in the year while it’s still cold outside, include a white hot chocolate bar, complete with marshmallows and whipped cream!

Love, Mrs. Newman