Rose Gold

Soft & Sweet & Sparkly …and Super Sexy.

Perfect For: 

Spring or Fall

Why We Love It:

Rose gold is so hot right now, and there are tons and tons of different ways to execute this fun and fabulous color scheme.

How To Execute:

Rose gold fabric is stunning, so utilize it! Just make sure you have a little bit of balance; dress your girls in sequined rose gold dresses but have the guys in neutrals.   Use it on your tables, but maybe just as a runner and keep the full sequined linens on the head table, cake table or gift table.   Use white or light pink as your neutral backdrop. For your cutlery, plates and vases? Rose gold all the way, or copper!  ….use a flat finish to help add some depth (and a romantic feel).

Fun Features:

Toasting with pink champagne or a sparkling rosé is perfect for this color scheme.   Use soft pink flowers interlaced with white blooms to give an air of romance. Add some pretty pink (edible) glitter to your cake, macaroons, or cupcakes.  Not into a stark white dress? Wearing a blush colored gown works perfectly for this palette!

Love, Mrs. Newman