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Color Palette Inspo – Rose Gold Weddings

Rose Gold

Soft & Sweet & Sparkly …and Super Sexy.

Perfect For: 

Spring or Fall

Why We Love It:

Rose gold is so hot right now, and there are tons and tons of different ways to execute this fun and fabulous color scheme.

How To Execute:

Rose gold fabric is stunning, so utilize it! Just make sure you have a little bit of balance; dress your girls in sequined rose gold dresses but have the guys in neutrals.   Use it on your tables, but maybe just as a runner and keep the full sequined linens on the head table, cake table or gift table.   Use white or light pink as your neutral backdrop. For your cutlery, plates and vases? Rose gold all the way, or copper!  ….use a flat finish to help add some depth (and a romantic feel).

Fun Features:

Toasting with pink champagne or a sparkling rosé is perfect for this color scheme.   Use soft pink flowers interlaced with white blooms to give an air of romance. Add some pretty pink (edible) glitter to your cake, macaroons, or cupcakes.  Not into a stark white dress? Wearing a blush colored gown works perfectly for this palette!

Love, Mrs. Newman

Sparkly Weddings

Sparkly Weddings

Throw A Gorgeously Glitzy Wedding!

If you’re like me, your favorite color is glitter. I mean, honestly, what’s better than something shiny and sparkly?

Not much.

So if you’re unsure of your wedding color scheme, but you know that you want it to be blingy, I get it.   You might even have a color palette picked out, but need ways to incorporate some extra glitz, just to make the event a little more glam.

Here are the best ways to add some shine to your big day!

Glitter. Sprinkle that shit everywhere. Kidding, don’t do that. But you should incorporate it into your stationary, décor and signage. And talk with your caterer and/or dessert vendor about edible glitter. It’s a thing, and its super pretty – think glitter on your cake, cupcakes or on top of macaroons. #yesplease

Pearlized Linens & Fabric. A little less in your face than glitter, but still adds a really nice sheen to your décor. Pretty pearl shades of whatever your color scheme is will help add depth and texture, reflecting the lights beautifully. They also give your event a rich look and feel, just like how satin sheets can make a bedroom seem more regal.

Mirrors. Another great way to catch and reflect the light at your event is through the use of mirrors. Look for venues with mirrors, or look into renting/bringing in your own. On a smaller scale, use mirror plates on your tables and underneath all your centerpieces.

Diamonds. Or rhinestones for the most part, aside from the jewelry that you wear. But you should totally use pretty diamonds (real or fake) for your jewelry, as well as on your bridal party. Then talk with your florist or vent designer about working them into your centerpieces and décor.

Sequins. Add a pretty sequined table runner, or use sequined linens for your cake table, or your head table to add a little extra oomph. If you don’t want a totally bedazzled dress, sequins are a more subtle way to sparkle on your wedding day. Same goes for your bridesmaid dresses.

Sparklers. So a sparkler send off isn’t exactly new, but who cares? They make for the prettiest photos and they totally fit into your sparkly wedding theme. If you want to work them into your day in a different way, add a sparkler to your cake topper, or buy the extra long or colored ones.

Embellished Flowers. Use pretty brooches or rhinestone ribbons in your bouquets. Adding pretty embellishments won’t be a new concept to your florist, so work with them to determine what the right amount of added bling for your wedding is.

Bling! Speaking of sparkly embellishments, don’t stop at your bouquets if it suits you. How about your shoes, or garter, or headpieces? Bling out your accessories. It’s a subtle way to sparkle if head to toe diamonds isn’t for you.

String Lights. Love, love, love string lights. Outside or inside, they’re so pretty, whimsical and romantic. And while they don’t necessarily sparkle, they do shine. And the more lights you have, the more your sparkly pieces will reflect them.

Chandeliers. Pretty chandeliers are already in a lot of wedding venues, but even if they’re not you can look into renting some. Talk to your local wedding and event rental companies about what they have available, and consider stringing up one or two, or several.

See, there are lots of ways to make your main wedding color “glitter”.   Weddings are a great time to shine, so why not go glam with your event ambiance?

If you’re worried it’ll look too tacky (and it will, if you use every single thing on my list) then work with your event stylist or wedding coordinator to decide what will work best for your vision. You can have a gorgeously glamorous wedding without it looking like you’re on Gypsy Sisters.

Need help pulling this look off? Let me know!

Love, Mrs. Newman

Quirky Brides

Quirky Wedding Fashion

Fun & Unique Bridal Pieces That Are Totally Adorable!

I love, love, love when brides cater their wedding day look to their own personal style.   Some brides go all out and embrace their quirks or wardrobe staples, while others go the more subtle route . Either way you’ll end up with a more personalized wedding day.

If you’re still working on piecing together your wedding ensemble, consider tying in something unique to you. Like I said, it doesn’t have to be something major, but even if it is a big fashion statement, then good for you. It’s your day, so you call the fashion shots!

Here are some of the best pieces I’ve seen that make for a fun and adorable wedding day look:

Capes. Veils not for you? I hear ya, I ditched mine pretty quick after my ceremony. Capes are a fun and fashion-forward look that give the illusion of a veil without actually having on a headpiece. Or go with a short cape over your shoulders – so adorable.

Sneakers. Revolutionized by Annie in Father of the Bride, this idea is perfect for you tomboys, or for anyone who just loves their kicks and wouldn’t be caught dead in heels. Converse sneaks are super cute, but I’ve also seen toms, sneakers and keds that all work perfectly with the brides style.

Faux Fur. One of my total faves, and perfect for late fall or winter weddings. Not only can it help keep a girl warm, it’s so, so, so pretty. Go with a fur wrap, fur cape, fur scarf or fur coat for a stunning look. And obviously I stress the faux part because animals.

Boots. Do you absolutely live in a pair of boots? Why not embrace that on your big day? Whether it’s a pair of combat boots, your beloved cowboy boots, or brightly colored galoshes, you should totally consider rocking these under your gown. Not only will they make for fun photos, they’re also really practical for outdoor, fall or winter weddings.

Leather Coat. Are you a biker babe? Or do you just live and die for your leather jackets? Wear your signature piece over your gown. It’ll keep you warm and give you a chic look. If your style is a little more edgy, your wedding day style should be too.

Flannel. Some people just can’t get enough of their flannel. If this is you, work it into your wedding style. For a rustic or country themed wedding, this look ties in so perfectly. Go big with a shirt, or tone it down with a scarf or throw blanket draped around your shoulders. Trendy as flannel and plaid patterns are right now, you’ll have a plethora of options to choose from that will work with just about any color scheme.

Colorful Underskirts. If you just can’t get onboard with an all white wedding day look, work some color into your ensemble. An easy and fun way is with colorful or patterned underskirts or tulle. You can order them in lots of fun colors, so talk to your bridal shop and see what their options are. If they don’t have what you’re looking for, look elsewhere and work with your tailor during alterations to make sure everything will piece together well.

If these all seem like a little too much for you, and you’re on the fence about tying in your own personal fashion style, then dial these ideas way down. Think undies, garter or jewelry. You can work in your own personal preferences into the little details too; the perfect way to look and feel like a bride but still stay true to our own inner fashionista.

Need help completing your look? Let me know and we can collaborate your wedding styling together.

Love, Mrs. Newman

Taking Your Own Measurements

Dress Measurements

DIY Measurement Guide For Your Girls.

Since I know my readers are all totally amazing, gorgeous and adored by everyone, it makes sense that you’ll have girls from all sorts of different locations in your bridal party.

It’s so fun having a reason to get all your girls in the same place to celebrate you at your shower, bachelorette and on your wedding day, but sometimes having your girls living long distance can pose an issue here and there along the way.

Bridesmaid dress shopping for one. Hopefully you’ll have at least one or two of your gals with you to help pick them out and try them on, but if one or a few or all of your ladies aren’t local, it can be tough.

Luckily most dress shops understand that the likelihood of having all of your bridal party available to come into their store for their dress is usually pretty slim.

So what’s their solution? Picking a dress and then having your maids submit their measurements. It’s quick and easy and lets your bridal party order their gowns from just about anywhere! Then they can be shipped directly to them or picked up by someone local to be handed out at the shower or bachelorette weekend for each girl to take home for alterations.

Problem solved! But for anyone who hasn’t had their measurements taken before, it cam be an extremely foreign concept and mistakes can be made (not good!).   So to help you, and them, and anyone else out there who needs to take their own dress measurements, I’ve put together a short cheat sheet for you.

You’ll need a soft measure tape, or if you don’t have that use a string or piece of yarn. You can measure the length of that off a straight ruler or yardstick.

Measurement Guide:

Bust – Around the biggest part of your boobies. Specifically wrap the tape around back and then over your nips. Common mistake: measuring under your boobs, which is wrong.

Waist – Smallest part of your stomach, right above your belly button. Common mistake: sucking in while you measure; you do actually need to be able to breathe in your dress.

Hip – Stand with your feet shoulder width apart, and wrap the tape around the widest part of your hips and butt. Common mistake: wrapping around the top part of your hips, and above your butt.

Inseam – Go from right under your lady business down to your ankle. Common mistake: measuring the outside of your leg. Think inseam, inside.

Sleeve – Make a slight bend of your arm and measure from the tip of your shoulder down to your wrist. Common mistake: measuring on a straight arm.

Typically you’ll only need to give your bust, waist and hip for a bridesmaid dress, but depending the style they may require the other two. If you need to submit your sleeve length grab a friend to help with that measurement, since you’ll be down a hand.

When you turn in your measurements, don’t be surprised if they tell you you’re in between sizes and suggest the larger size. It’s actually much safer to go a size up instead of trying to squeeze into a size down. You can alter it to fit you like a glove, and you can always cut out the tag if you don’t like the number it has printed on it.

Questions? Comment, call or email me!
Love, Mrs. Newman

Pearl Weddings

Pearl Weddings copy

A Pretty, Elegant & Classic Wedding Day Style.

I’ve been dying over all the new gorgeous wedding trends and styles, and I have to say one of my favorites is the use of pearls. Pearls are such a classic staple of timeless beauty, so it’s no wonder brides use them as a styling influence when they’re getting married.

The best thing about a pearl wedding is that they extend so much further than just for use as your jewelry.   To start, it gives you a beautiful color scheme if you go all out with a pearl themed wedding.

Think about all the different shades of pearls, from white to off-white, to pink, gold, champagne… even a pearlized black.   There are tons of different ways to make this look cater to your own style and preferences.

So besides all the pretty colors, what are all the fun ways to work pearls into your wedding day? Well, honestly, there’s like a zillion ways. Be creative and work with your event designers to follow this subtle but stunning theme.

Consider the Following:

Pearl Dress – Obviously a stunning option, and there are plenty of dress options out there with beautiful pearl accents.

Pearl Jewelry – Another easy way to pull your classic wedding day look together, as there’s not much that beats a woman in pearls.

Pearl Flowers – Your florist will know how to pull this together, so use pearls in the bouquets and boutonnieres. Look on pinterest at all the fun ways to execute this!

Pearl Centerpieces – Similar to your bouquets, you can work pearls into your floral arrangements, OR get budget savvy and use pearls to piece together pretty and unique centerpieces… like pearl filled martini glasses, mirror plates and tea lights.

Pearl Shoes – Every bride wants stunning wedding shoes, and there are so many fun options out there. Look for ones with pearl embellishments.

Pearl Cake Decorations – Wedding cakes or cupcakes are just SO pretty! It’s an easy yet elegant addition to class up your yummy desserts.

Pearl Strands – Not only can you wear them, or add them to your centerpieces, they’re also easy to string up! Think chair decorations, tying them into your pews, or stinging them up at the altar. They’re gorgeous, and will catch and reflect just a subtle amount of light.   So gorg.

Miscellaneous Pearl Decor – Obviously the possibilities are endless, but don’t overlook the little details, like table numbers, cake cutter, wedding signage or takeaway gifts.  There are about a million and four ways to decorate with pearls, so think through all the options.

If you love this idea, but don’t know how to pull this look together, let me know and we can talk about it! Or, if you have other event design concepts, but need a little bit of help, make sure you contact me!

Love, Mrs. Newman

Kissable Lipstick

How To Make Any Lipstick Stay In Place & Last Longer.

One of my most visited and fan favorite posts was when I wrote about what lipsticks a girl could wear to her wedding that A.) would last, and B.) wouldn’t get all over her hubby at the altar.  If you haven’t read it, go here and take a peek for yourself.

But the annoying part about kiss proof lipsticks is the limited selection.  Like, is it really not a priority for us make up slinging ladies to have it actually stay in place if we engage in a little kissie sesh?  I personally live for lipsticks that look amazing AND don’t keep my man from loving on me, and there just aren’t a ton of options.  Though check back frequently, because I’ve made it my personal mission to find all the best ones.  And I shall report back to y’all, obviously.

So, whats make-out make-up queen like myself to do?  Well, I’ve mastered my very own way of applying just about any type and any shade of lipstick in manner that stays in place.  99% of the time anyways.

How you might ask?  Sorcery.

Joking.  It’s actually not terribly hard, as long as you have a few things on hand.  First, a neutral shade of lip liner.  Secondly, tissues.  And lastly, your lipstick.  And I do mean lipSTICK.  Sorry friends, but lipgloss just doesn’t stay on if you’re getting busy.  I’ve tried.

So to start, put the rest of your face on, so you can pick a complimentary color.  Put a little bit of your face makeup or concealer over your lips for a nice neutral base (top left picture).

Next, take your lip liner.  Doesn’t matter what shade of lipstick your using, a neutral color lip liner works perfectly.  I use one that’s about one or two shades darker than my original lips.  You’ll definitely be able to see it over the concealer you have on your lips to begin with.

Outline your lips if you’re happy with the plumpness of your pout, or outline just outside your lip line if you want to make your pucker a teeny bit larger than real life (à la Kylie Jenner but I advise you to start small if you’re going to go outside your own lip line.  Like literally, just barely outside/on top of your natural line.  Or you’ll probably look ridiculous).  See middle left photo.

Once you’re happy with your liner, color it in with your pencil, and blot with a tissue lightly.  Photo on bottom left.

Now you can put your lippy stick on!  Put on a few glorious coats!  Like literally load that baby on.  You’re going to blot most of it off so I promise it’ll look fine when you’re done! Picture on top right!

Now here’s my favorite little trick.  BEFORE we blot off the color, I have a fun little tip that keeps you from getting any lipstick on your teeth (SO not cute).  Take your (clean) finger and give it a nice little suck job.  I swear this works.  Just put your finger in your mouth and suck as you pull it out.  Just once will do, not like in a real life blow jay (sorry mom).  Look at the photo middle right and see how some of my lipstick came off… on my finger.  Not my teeth.  Like a lady.

Now that that’s taken care of, grab your tissues and blot the sh*t out of your lipstick… photo bottom right.  If it gets too light, put on a few more coats, repeat your finger bj, and then blot some more.  When the color you want is good to go, and your tissue is white, you’re done.  Viola!  Make up done and make out ready!IMG_2596

Now I know you might be questioning me, but I just smooched my hubby as he got home from work and nothing got on his perfect little face.  I also have been happily drinking a nice chardonnay-riesling blend and there is literally NO lipstick on my wine glass, a true test for lipstick that stays in place.  Oh, and my lipstick still looks great.

So go ahead, see for yourselves!  Kiss kiss!

Love, Mrs. Newman



Short Wedding Dresses


Short Dresses

9 Reasons To Get A Short Dress.

Obviously I’m a sucker for wedding style, and I love when a bride goes with something a little less than traditional. Short weddings gowns aren’t unheard of, but they aren’t necessarily a huge trend (yet). Wearing a short wedding dress will give you a unique bridal look that will make you feel a little extra special on your wedding day.

If this is something you’ve thought about, great! If it’s something you’re on the fence about, think it through a little more. Consider the following reasons as to why wearing a short dress might be the best option for you!

Nine Reasons To Wear A Short Wedding Dress

Shoes. I mean, every girl should get a pair of killer heels for her wedding (in my opinion…)  What better way to show them off then with a cropped hem? A shorter dress will probably be less money than a gown, so hello larger wedding shoe budget.

Your Gorgeous Gams. Speaking of showing things off, short dresses can really accentuate a girl’s legs. If that’s your best asset, a short dress is definitely for you. A demure dress with a scandalous hem line is my favorite way to be subtly sexy.

Signature Style. You know yourself best, so if a shorter dress is something that would be a better fit for your look, do it. Don’t feel like you have to wear a long gown just because it’s what’s expected; you can still wear a short dress and be über dressed up. Also, short doesn’t have to be scandalous – there are a ton of variations out there, so find the best one for your own personal style.

Accentuate the Ambiance. If the feel of your wedding is relaxed or beachy or country chic, a super formal dress probably won’t work, or will feel too fancy day of. Some weddings really set the stage for a girl to wear something shorter and a little bit more casual, so if that’s you, look for dresses that will work with your vision.

Shoes, Again. I know I already touched on showing off shoes, but specifically I’m talking about brides who want to wear something on their feet other than beautiful sparkly heels.   Anyone who wants to wear cowboy boots, chucks, or pretty beaded barefoot sandals should think about a cropped dress that’ll show off their statement shoes.

Light As A Feather. Not to dog on “normal” wedding gowns, but a lot of chicks after the fact will tell you how heavy their gown was, and how they didn’t even realize it during their fittings. Big dresses, especially poofy ones, weigh waaay more than that little white dress you’ve been fantasizing about… why do you think so many girls end up changing into bride swag or a reception dress?

Dancefloor, Now. Teeny dresses are much easier to rock out in. Same concept as above, but with the added bonus of not holding up your hem, worrying about your bustle, or getting the bottom of your dress wet when you walk through someone’s spilled champagne (sorry, it’s probably mine).

You Little Trendsetter. I know I said that little white dresses aren’t terribly popular yet, but it’s probably just a matter of time until they become more common.   Everyone loves to look and feel sexy, sassy, and like they’re earing something true to their own style, so it’s not going to come as a surprise to me when more and more girls rock short dresses at their wedding. Why not start the trend?

You Do Things Your Way. Doing anything at your wedding that strays from tradition is a go in my book. It’s boring when someone’s big day is exactly what you expect out of a wedding. If you aren’t one for rules, traditions, or doing things by the book, then a short dress should be on the top of the list when it comes to your wedding planning considerations (among other things).

So if you’re thinking this short wedding dress look might be the way to go, then I happily support you. I love this look, and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t secretly wish I had considered it a little more before my big day.

If you’re going to go with a little white dress on your wedding day then follow my styling rules. Keep it bridal by wearing stark white – no ivory, no off white, no pops of color – make yourself stand out as a the bride. Up your shoe game, since more people will see them, and same with your jewelry. Don’t wear a veil that’s longer than your dress, it won’t look right – consider an alternate headpiece, like flowers or a pretty headband.  Lastly, get a spray tan.  Pale legs don’t photograph well.

Love, Mrs. Newman

Colorful Wedding Dresses

Colorful Wedding Gowns

Because Not Everyone Wants To Wear White.

So you’re thinking of straying from the traditional white gown. I love it! I’m all for doing things your own way, so making sure you’re dressed in your own style is a big must.

My guess is you might be struggling a bit with this decision. Even if you are confident in wearing something besides white, you still might be hit with outsiders doubts or opinions, which can make any girl question herself.

Luckily, I got your back. There are so many amazing dresses out there that come in other colors besides white. Like this one, or this one, or my fave – this one!

If you find yourself needing justification to wear something that strays from the norm, consider this; your wedding is a reflection of you, so if a big white dress doesn’t do that, then take that as your green light to think outside the box.

If you have a staple favorite color, then consider finding a gown in that hue. If everyone knows that you live and die for pink, then you should totally be wearing a pick dress for your walk down the aisle. Tried and true New Yorker that’s never worn anything that isn’t at least 50% black, then maybe you get hitched in a LBD. Or consider a gown with black accents or embellishments.

Even if you don’t have some staple fashion wise, or notorious favorite color, you can still get a different colored wedding gown. You don’t need a reason other than wanting to do something different. If you find a blue gown that makes you feel like a knockout, go with that – plus you’ll be covering your something-blue.

Colorful gowns are perfect for second go-arounds too; when a bride feels even a little uncomfortable in white, then I say go big with a brand new color scheme and wedding gown.

If you’re thinking that white might not be your thing, but something bright and vivid isn’t settling well, then you should try on a few different muted shades. Think light pink, peach, grey or taupe. Most dresses come in off-white shades, so make sure you find out all of your color options before deciding against a gown. Some brides are surprised to learn their dress comes in different color options; but most of them do!

Make sure you look at fabric samples, and find a boutique and consultant that you trust to help you find exactly the shade of gown you’re looking for. It might take a little bit more time and energy to find a colorful gown, but it’ll definitely be worth it!

If you’re still on the fence, reach out to me and we can talk through it. Or, if you’re interested in wedding styling help, give me a call to discuss!

Love, Mrs. Newman

Wedding Dress Shopping

Dress Shopping

What You Should Know Before You Say Yes to the Dress.

So you’re gonna buy a wedding dress! Insert squeal of delight! So exciting, and so much fun. It’s ok if you’re a little nervous too, especially if you’ve never tagged along to anyone else’s dress shopping escapes.

Regardless of whether or not you’ve been dress shopping before, here are a few things to expect. With this things in mind, you can walk in to that boutique über confident and totally ready to find the dress.

Make sure you have an appointment. A bit basic, but if you’ve never been before you might assume you can just show up. Technically you can attempt to do a walk in, but it’ll be way easier on the shop if make an appointment, and more importantly, you’ll get the time and attention you deserve.

Tell the bridal shop who you’ll have with you. When you (or your MOH?) make your previously mentioned appointment, make sure they find out how many people will fit in their viewing area. If you plan to have a bigger group with you, they’ll need to know so they can have the appropriate amount of seating available.

Bring photos! Or at least have a few pins on your phone readily available to show your consultant. It doesn’t have to be a specific gown that you want to try on, but a few photos that show the look and feel of your style. Professional consultants will be able to take your photos and pull looks that match your wish list.   Trust me, they’ll be grateful to have a starting point.

Do your research. If you do have specific photos of dresses that you want to try on, get online and make sure the store you’re going to has that designer.   Not every store will have every designer, so make sure you know what lines they carry, and if they fit in with your tastes.

They aren’t going to fit you, yet. Wedding dresses come in one sample size that is supposed to fit an “average” woman. Which means the dresses you try on aren’t going to be your size. The consultant will use clips and pins to get it to sit right on you so that you can get the visual. Unless you just so happen to be the exact size of their fit models, the dresses you try on won’t fit well during the shopping process. Trust your consultant and let her pin and tuck and pull on the gowns to help you see what a dress made to fit you will look like.

Taking photos prior to purchasing might not be allowed. It differs from store to store, but some places prefer you not photograph every thing you try on. It may seem innocent enough (I mean if it’s not on insta, did it really even happen?) …but the store’s thinking you’ll just take the photo to their competitors or try to buy a cheaper knock-off elsewhere. Be respectful, and follow their rules (or at least be extra sneaky about it).

Carry your own bubbly. Some places have complimentary champs to celebrate with after saying yes to a dress, but some don’t.   Better to be prepared just in case your store doesn’t have anything there to toast with. A lot of places won’t mind if you pop one open at the close of a sale, just make sure you ask first. If they seem uncomfortable or even downright insist you not open it there, go with plan b and celebrate afterwards elsewhere.   Respect their rules, like a lady.

Dress shopping can be one of the most fun things to look back on when remembering your engagement, so stay positive, be prepared and enjoy yourself!   Don’t be nervous and don’t rush you’re decision. You’ll find the perfect dress, just like you found the perfect man. As always, contact me if you need extra help, or to discuss wedding styling a bit further!

Love, Mrs. Newman

Wedding Veils


And What They Say About Your Wedding Style!

Still working on your wedding day look? For anyone that isn’t well versed in bridal style, all the different options can seem overwhelming. Even if you are pretty familiar, it can still feel like a lot to choose from.

I had a way harder time committing to my wedding gown and veil than I did to my actual husband. The man in the pictures with me I was confident in, the outfit that I would have to look back upon for the next several decades seemed like a way more dangerous decision.

If you’re undecided on what exactly you should adorn your pretty little head with, fear not! Here’s a list of (most of) your options, what they work best for, and what it says about your bridal style.

Elbow. Elbow length veils go to about your elbow (duh).   They’re easy to get on and off, and since they’re one of the shortest options, they’re the easiest to move around in. This look is probably best for someone who doesn’t really want a veil for more than the traditional-ness of having one on for the ceremony, or even just a few photos. It’s a fairly classic look, and will suit a bride who is going for a simple and elegant feel.

Fingertip. This veil flows down to just below your fingertips (and you thought bridal style lingo was going to be confusing….). It’s pretty, simple and typically just one layer.   I think these give the same functionality of an elbow veil, but photograph way prettier. It gives just a little bit more length, which elongates your entire outfit.   Fingertip veils are perfect for almost any bridal style, and are definitely one of the more popular options.   Find one with a little lace and you’ll have a modern spin on a vintage look.

Sweep. A sweep veil will just barely hit the ground behind you, and will be tailored to fit just right, along with your gown.   Skinny sweep veils, attached at the base of the neck are gaining popularity among brides lately, and for good reason. They give an ethereal look and a romantic feel.   Sweep veils are sure to make you look and feel like a bride, and are best for a more formal event, ie: not ideal for a beach or barn, or anywhere where you’ll be sweeping the floor (see what I did there…)

Chapel. Chapel veils essentially mean your veil will flare out behind you with your dress train.   And if you go this route, you’ll want your dress to have at least a little bit of a train, too.   They are stunning when walking down the aisle (or walking anywhere, really).   They really do make a girl look like a walking dream, and make for gorgeous photos and fun photo ops.   Functionality wise, they’re kind of a pain. I’d suggest ditching the veil as soon as you plan on bustling your dress up.   Even more so than a sweep veil, chapel veils are best for formal weddings; think churches and ballrooms.

Cathedral. Cathedral veils are chapel veils on steroids.   They extend way out past you and your train. They’re regal, formal, and probably best left to people like Kate Middleton.   But if you’re planning an affair to match the royals, have at it! The pictures will be amazing, and you’ll look fit to be a queen. If there’s one day where you can get away with wearing something so fancy, it’s at your wedding. I’ll try my best not to roll my eyes when I see your photos. (But seriously, if you’re thinking about a cathedral, try on a chapel length first, it’s the practical version for those of us who are only queens on the inside).

Blusher.  A blusher is a veil that comes down over your face for your wedding ceremony.   There are two types really; the traditional kind where one layer of your veil flips over the front to cover your face, and then the kind that is essentially one big piece of fabric strategically placed on top of your head so that it covers your face and also extends down your back.   Shorter blusher veils are a bit dated in my opinion, but they give a traditional bridal look, so if that’s your thing, go for it. The second and trendier version of the blusher veil look, which has blown up in the past few years thanks to Kim K’s third wedding to Yeezy, gives a glamorous and regal look. It’s romantic and dreamy, but again, best left to formal events.   A good choice for those fashion forward brides, for sure.

Birdcage. Birdcage veils have ruled the bridal runway for the past decade.   They’re inspired by the early 1900’s, but the trend came back with a vengeance. They’re classic, vintage and beautiful, and perfect for bride who wants the romantic headpiece without the weight of a veil.   There are also about a million different options out there, so if you go with a birdcage veil you’ll still have quite a variety of styles to pick from. Before you shop, shop around your elders’ closets first.   Grandma might just have one for you, so you could go ahead and cross some thing old off of your list too.

Flower Crown. Not into a veil? You’re certainly not alone.   A lot of brides are ditching the veil altogether and replacing with flower accents.  Recently flower headpieces have BLOWN up. They give a different bridal look for sure, but aren’t solely for the hippie bride anymore.   Flower crowns are fitting for the beach, a garden, wineries, or that rustic venue.   You’ll either love this look, or hate it, so if you’re on team flower crown, then you should seriously consider ditching the veil and going for this look instead.   You can even test out the look using my DIY flower crown tutorial, here!

Have fun shopping around and trying on all of the different types and styles.  Use your Pinterest boards and bridal magazines to see what you’re most drawn to, and then get out and about and start trying veils on (and dresses too, obviously). Struggling with what’s best for you? Let’s discuss! Wedding styling is one of my favorite services.

Love, Mrs. Newman