Wedding DIY

DIY Pillowcases


Quick & Easy & Super Cute Couples’ Pillowcases!

This might have been the easiest DIY craft that I’ve attempted yet. We’ve all seen the totally adorable couples’ pillowcases on Pinterest, so when I bought pillows for my cousin’s bridal shower, I thought to myself how cute it would be to throw in a set of personalized pillowcases too!

After I looked at some of the different options online (there are so many cute ideas, from stick figures, to quotes, to initials), I decided to go with a simple monogram.

I’m not kidding you… this project took me approximately ten minutes.

Here’s What To Do:

All you need is a set of cotton pillowcases, fabric markers, and a magazine or newspaper (to keep the markers from seeping onto the backside of the pillowcase).

To start, set out your first pillowcase and slip your magazine/newspaper/scrap-paper inside the case.   Then pick and finalize your design… test it out on paper or even on an old t-shirt.

If you aren’t confident with your free-hand writing or drawing skills, print out your design and slip it inside the case. You should be able to see through the case if you print it in bold and black, and then you can just trace over it to help guide you as you transfer it onto the pillow.

I also used an old white t-shirt (yes it was one of yours, sorry husband) to make sure my fabric markers were working properly along the way. A lot of fabric markers require you to shake the ink up to the tip, so before continuing with my design I would test it on the old throw-away shirt to make sure I didn’t have any major bleeds.

For the second pillowcase, make sure you turn the case around so that the closed ends meet in the middle, and the open ends are facing away from each other. You don’t want to do the exact same design with the pillowcase facing the same way, it needs to be reversed to that they work as a pair.

Once you’re done, use a fine point fabric marker to help blend any bumpy lines and smooth out your design. I would let them sit for a little bit just in case, but they really do dry almost instantly. So I had mine folded up and packaged with the pillows less than a half an hour from when I started working on them.

On a scale of one to ten for difficulty level, this project was a negative two. So quick, so easy, and so adorable. Also, it was really inexpensive!  Get everything at Michael’s, Joann Fabrics or even Target!

Questions? Just ask me! Happy crafting!
Love, Mrs. Newman

Make Your Own Flower Crown Party

Flower Crown Party

Grab Your Girls & Get Crafty!

Love the look of flower crowns?  Well gather your friends and make your own over a few glasses of wine and some yummy snacks in under an hour or two!  Check out the pics from my own flower crown making party in honor of Coachella – though it’s also a great idea for your bridal shower, bachelorette weekend, or wedding.

Supplies! Cat optional. Fake flowers, stem wire, and thin green wire to attach everything together. The cat always needs to supervise. Flower options, cut and ready to go! Flower options, cut and ready to go! Assembly over a glass of wine! Assembly over a glass of wine! Wire wrapping the flowers on! Wire wrapping the flowers on! Assembly over a glass of wine! Finished Product Friends & Florals Friends & Florals Friends & Florals Flower Crown Group Shot Flower Crown Group Shot
Supplies! Cat optional.

We used bunch of brightly colored fake blooms, but you can also use real flowers for a more ethereal, whimsical look (just go easy on the wine, you’ll need a softer touch with real blooms).

See here for my original tutorial!  Or if you’re interested in getting your own made for you (by yours truly), give me a call!

Love, Mrs. Newman

DIY Wine Glasses

DIY Wine Glasses

Super Easy Make-Your-Own Adorable Wine Glasses!

I had a few requests for this one, and merged a few different ways to do it together.  With a little inspo from a past project where I used chalkboard paint to customize wine glasses, and after receiving the cutest wine glass decorated with a paint pen from a girlfriend this past weekend, I had all the ammo I needed to put together my own little tutorial.

IMG_2623First, gather your supplies (I got everything at Michael’s):

  • Wine Glasses
  • Acrylic Multi-Surface Chalk Paint
  • Fine Line Paint Pens
  • Sponge Brush
  • Paper Plates

Second, set up your workspace.  Lay out newspaper or an old tablecloth and place your paper plates on top of them.  Have one paper plate for your paint and one for drying.

Take a spoonful or two of your black chalk paint and make a circle of paint big enough to dip the bottom of your wine glass in to.  Before you dip the bottom, paint the top side of the bottom of your glass.

Use your sponge brush to paint on the chalk paint.  Two thin layers work perfectly.

Once you’re happy with how the top part looks, place the bottom of the glass right into your circle of paint.  Pick it back up and wipe off the excess so that it falls back onto your paper plate.

Set your glasses aside to dry fully before moving on.  Pick your glass up and turn it around a few times while you wait for it to dry, otherwise the paper plate will get stuck to the bottom.

Congratulations, you’re halfway done!

Now that the chalkboard bottoms are done, you can decorate the top part with your paint pens.  I purchased black and silver, but the light colors just don’t show up very well on glass, so I recommend sticking with darker colored pens.

Practice your design on a sheet of paper first, and when you feel confident about whatever you have chosen to write on your glass, get to it.  Stick a tissue or piece of paper in the glass to help you see your design better.  Try to line up your words/design with the top brim to keep your lines as straight as possible, or stick lined paper inside your glass to “write” on top of.

Wine-Glass-CompilationOnce your design dries you’re all done!  Super easy… the hardest part is waiting for everything to dry.

These are so perfect for bridesmaids gifts, since its so easy to customize.  The paint pen design should be something longterm (like their initials or name), but the chalkboard bottom lets you write little messages that can be changed as often as they’re used (like “Will you be my bridesmaid?” or “Save the Date!”).

Maintenance Wise:  I’d stick to hand washing these babies, but according to the art supplies directions you should be able to wash them in the top rack of your dishwasher.  Keep your supplies on hand for any touch ups, just in case.

As always, let me know if you have questions!

Love, Mrs. Newman

Taking Your Own Measurements

Dress Measurements

DIY Measurement Guide For Your Girls.

Since I know my readers are all totally amazing, gorgeous and adored by everyone, it makes sense that you’ll have girls from all sorts of different locations in your bridal party.

It’s so fun having a reason to get all your girls in the same place to celebrate you at your shower, bachelorette and on your wedding day, but sometimes having your girls living long distance can pose an issue here and there along the way.

Bridesmaid dress shopping for one. Hopefully you’ll have at least one or two of your gals with you to help pick them out and try them on, but if one or a few or all of your ladies aren’t local, it can be tough.

Luckily most dress shops understand that the likelihood of having all of your bridal party available to come into their store for their dress is usually pretty slim.

So what’s their solution? Picking a dress and then having your maids submit their measurements. It’s quick and easy and lets your bridal party order their gowns from just about anywhere! Then they can be shipped directly to them or picked up by someone local to be handed out at the shower or bachelorette weekend for each girl to take home for alterations.

Problem solved! But for anyone who hasn’t had their measurements taken before, it cam be an extremely foreign concept and mistakes can be made (not good!).   So to help you, and them, and anyone else out there who needs to take their own dress measurements, I’ve put together a short cheat sheet for you.

You’ll need a soft measure tape, or if you don’t have that use a string or piece of yarn. You can measure the length of that off a straight ruler or yardstick.

Measurement Guide:

Bust – Around the biggest part of your boobies. Specifically wrap the tape around back and then over your nips. Common mistake: measuring under your boobs, which is wrong.

Waist – Smallest part of your stomach, right above your belly button. Common mistake: sucking in while you measure; you do actually need to be able to breathe in your dress.

Hip – Stand with your feet shoulder width apart, and wrap the tape around the widest part of your hips and butt. Common mistake: wrapping around the top part of your hips, and above your butt.

Inseam – Go from right under your lady business down to your ankle. Common mistake: measuring the outside of your leg. Think inseam, inside.

Sleeve – Make a slight bend of your arm and measure from the tip of your shoulder down to your wrist. Common mistake: measuring on a straight arm.

Typically you’ll only need to give your bust, waist and hip for a bridesmaid dress, but depending the style they may require the other two. If you need to submit your sleeve length grab a friend to help with that measurement, since you’ll be down a hand.

When you turn in your measurements, don’t be surprised if they tell you you’re in between sizes and suggest the larger size. It’s actually much safer to go a size up instead of trying to squeeze into a size down. You can alter it to fit you like a glove, and you can always cut out the tag if you don’t like the number it has printed on it.

Questions? Comment, call or email me!
Love, Mrs. Newman

Kissable Lipstick

How To Make Any Lipstick Stay In Place & Last Longer.

One of my most visited and fan favorite posts was when I wrote about what lipsticks a girl could wear to her wedding that A.) would last, and B.) wouldn’t get all over her hubby at the altar.  If you haven’t read it, go here and take a peek for yourself.

But the annoying part about kiss proof lipsticks is the limited selection.  Like, is it really not a priority for us make up slinging ladies to have it actually stay in place if we engage in a little kissie sesh?  I personally live for lipsticks that look amazing AND don’t keep my man from loving on me, and there just aren’t a ton of options.  Though check back frequently, because I’ve made it my personal mission to find all the best ones.  And I shall report back to y’all, obviously.

So, whats make-out make-up queen like myself to do?  Well, I’ve mastered my very own way of applying just about any type and any shade of lipstick in manner that stays in place.  99% of the time anyways.

How you might ask?  Sorcery.

Joking.  It’s actually not terribly hard, as long as you have a few things on hand.  First, a neutral shade of lip liner.  Secondly, tissues.  And lastly, your lipstick.  And I do mean lipSTICK.  Sorry friends, but lipgloss just doesn’t stay on if you’re getting busy.  I’ve tried.

So to start, put the rest of your face on, so you can pick a complimentary color.  Put a little bit of your face makeup or concealer over your lips for a nice neutral base (top left picture).

Next, take your lip liner.  Doesn’t matter what shade of lipstick your using, a neutral color lip liner works perfectly.  I use one that’s about one or two shades darker than my original lips.  You’ll definitely be able to see it over the concealer you have on your lips to begin with.

Outline your lips if you’re happy with the plumpness of your pout, or outline just outside your lip line if you want to make your pucker a teeny bit larger than real life (à la Kylie Jenner but I advise you to start small if you’re going to go outside your own lip line.  Like literally, just barely outside/on top of your natural line.  Or you’ll probably look ridiculous).  See middle left photo.

Once you’re happy with your liner, color it in with your pencil, and blot with a tissue lightly.  Photo on bottom left.

Now you can put your lippy stick on!  Put on a few glorious coats!  Like literally load that baby on.  You’re going to blot most of it off so I promise it’ll look fine when you’re done! Picture on top right!

Now here’s my favorite little trick.  BEFORE we blot off the color, I have a fun little tip that keeps you from getting any lipstick on your teeth (SO not cute).  Take your (clean) finger and give it a nice little suck job.  I swear this works.  Just put your finger in your mouth and suck as you pull it out.  Just once will do, not like in a real life blow jay (sorry mom).  Look at the photo middle right and see how some of my lipstick came off… on my finger.  Not my teeth.  Like a lady.

Now that that’s taken care of, grab your tissues and blot the sh*t out of your lipstick… photo bottom right.  If it gets too light, put on a few more coats, repeat your finger bj, and then blot some more.  When the color you want is good to go, and your tissue is white, you’re done.  Viola!  Make up done and make out ready!IMG_2596

Now I know you might be questioning me, but I just smooched my hubby as he got home from work and nothing got on his perfect little face.  I also have been happily drinking a nice chardonnay-riesling blend and there is literally NO lipstick on my wine glass, a true test for lipstick that stays in place.  Oh, and my lipstick still looks great.

So go ahead, see for yourselves!  Kiss kiss!

Love, Mrs. Newman



Something Stitched


How To Stitch Hidden Messages Into Your Wedding.

I love little somethings that add sentimental value to weddings, so I absolutely ADORE the idea of stitching hidden messages into your wedding getup.

It’s a relatively simple idea, but it’s so sweet and meaningful.   It’s also extremely easy to do yourself, and you don’t actually need to be a talented seamstress to stitch in a little love note.

So what exactly should you consider stitching a hidden message into?

Ties. Specifically the backside of your groom’s tie.  A great place for your initials or a quick I ♥ U

Shirt. Inside your groom or even your dad’s button up. Behind the pocket and over his heart.

Dress. A perfect place for your something blue – blue stitching on the inside of your gown.

Dad’s tie. Some concept as your groom, but a sweet surprise for the man walking you down the aisle.

Mom’s dress. Another sweet place to add your initials or an I ♥ U, but this time in the mother of the bride’s dress.

Bridesmaid Dresses. Stitching a sweet saying or blessing into your bridesmaids dress is a fun little secret between you and your girls on your wedding day.

Garter. Leave a sweet message for your groom when he takes this off you later.

Lingerie. Same idea as above, this time something for him to read behind closed doors and a fun way for you to tag your wedding undies.

Groom’s Undies. Speaking of wedding undies, why not stitch your wedding date into whatever undies your man wants to rock on your wedding night (hopefully something a little better than tidy whiteys).

Socks. Do this one for your groom, your dad, or any of the guys in your bridal party to make sure no one gets cold feet on your big day.

If you love this idea, but you aren’t super comfortable with a needle and thread, I’d stick with stitching in initials. Upper case letters are pretty basic, so you should be able to handle this one. Numbers are pretty easy too, so your wedding date should be an easy option as well. If you’re feeling confident, add a simple note or saying. Regardless of skill level, here are my tips for doing your own stitching:

  • Outline your initials lightly in pencil, so you have something to trace over, and keep you in line, literally. Pencil will wipe off pretty easily a little soap and water, but you most likely won’t even see it under the stitches.
  • Make sure whatever you’re stitching has two layers so it doesn’t look busted on the other side. Don’t try to embroider something that’s only one layer.
  • Make each stitch about two or three millimeters long, that way when you move along to the next stitch you can come up through the previous one to make one clean line.
  • Make teeny tiny x’s instead of trying to make periods or dots. If you make them small enough they’ll look like a dot regardless.
  • Use thicker thread and small needles (just make sure it’ll still thread through the needle’s loop).

Happy DIY! Have fun!

Love, Mrs. Newman

Ten Fun Things To Do With Your Dress

wedding dress after the wedding

What To Do With Your Dress After The Wedding.

So you spent god knows how much on your wedding gown. You love it, it’s probably sentimental to you, but now it’s just hanging in the back of your closet depressed and lonely in a garment bag (like mine).

Just recently I’ve been feeling like a total schmuck for not doing anything with my (amazingly perfect and not inexpensive) Monique Lhuillier wedding gown. It’s just hanging there, lifeless. So sad.   So, I’ve been desperately trying to figure out what exactly I’m going to do with it, and I’ve come up with ten fun options.

If you’re like me, then you too don’t know what to do with your glorious gown after the big day. Ponder the following:

Preserve it. Pretty typical, and definitely one of the more popular options. So what does “preserving” your gown mean? Basically it means a nice deep clean and then packaging it away in a fashion that will keep it from aging or yellowing.   But yes, it’ll just end up in the back of your closet again, so this one’s for the ladies out there saving their dress for their daughter’s weddings (or for wearing around their house and embarrassing their daughters in 20/30 years – looking at you Leslie).

Frame It. Getting your dress framed is a creative way to save your dress and commemorate your wedding day. They look stunning if done well, so if you don’t think you can get your gown into a frame on your own, look into having it framed professionally.  I personally love when ladies have their wedding gowns framed and on display in their big, fancy walk in closets, or dressing rooms.

Teddy Bear. This one is sweet, but first you’ll have to come to terms with having your precious gown cut up. Send your gown in and have it sent back as a soft cuddly (sparkly?) teddy bear. It’s a cute keepsake that can actually be displayed in your home, or even given to your children as pretty addition to their nursery.

Shorten It. Depending on the fit and style of your dress, shorten it in to a dress that you could wear again. It would be an amazing thing to whip out for an anniversary dinner or party, and your hubby/wife will be sure to love every time you put it on (and still fit into it…) Plus you could use the discarded fabric to do some of the other ideas on this list – double win!

Make A Quilt. Again, make peace with cutting your dress up before committing to this one. The good news is you’ll have a nice cozy blanket to snuggle up in, or lay out to accent your home décor.   If you don’t have a trusted mom, aunt or grandma that is a tried and true seamstress/quilter, make sure you go to a professional for this.   Don’t gamble with your gown, do everything you can to make sure you’ll love the end result.

Lingerie. I LOVE this one. It’s a newer trend, but such a great idea. I’ve seen this one floating around pinterest, but you’ll probably have to work with your own trusted tailor/designer. I’m currently researching the upstate NY area to see if someone could meet with me to discuss doing mine.

Jewelry. Taking some of the excess fabric from your dress and turning them into a piece of jewelry is a nice way to wear around a little piece of your wedding day.   You can see an example here, but get creative.   Make a pendant for a bracelet or necklace, or even something for your hubby, like a key chain or pocket watch.

Communion or Baptism Dresses. Since most (but not all!) wedding gowns are white or off white, the fabric would be perfect for a baptism or communion gown.   Again, find your most trusted seamstress and come up with a pattern for whichever dress is most appropriate for your family.   It’s another sentimental way to tie your wedding into other family milestones.

Trash the Dress Shoot. If you can fulfill your sentimental side with photos, then schedule a trash the shoot dress. In case you’re unfamiliar, it’s basically a funfilled photo sesh where you wear your wedding gown one last time, knowing you’ll never wear your dress again. Most sessions take place by water, like the beach or a lake. Have fun rolling around in the grass, mud or whatever you fancy. It actually makes for some really cute photos, and it looks like a ton of fun.

Donate It. This one is probably the nicest, so if you’re looking to do your part with a random act of kindness, donate your dress. You can go through an organized company like Wish Upon A Wedding or Brides Across America, or find somewhere local to donate it to.   It really could make someone else’s wedding dreams come true, and you’ll get that nice warm fuzzy feeling of doing something so sweet and selfless.

If none of these work for you, reach out to me and we can chat. Keeping your dress hanging in the back of your closet is no fun, so I know we can find something to do with it that’ll make you smile.

Love, Mrs. Newman

Last Minute Valentine’s Day Gifts

Last Minute Vday Gifts

Because Sometimes It Just Sneaks Up On You.

So it’s basically Valentine’s Day weekend, and you don’t have a gift for your valentine yet.  Whoops!

Even if you do have something in mind, but feel like you need just a little something more, I have the perfect last-minute gifts.  Plus, these are all pretty quick, easy, and inexpensive.

  • Cards.  Easy to get and easy to customize.  Make each card a love note with something special you love about your babe on each one – 52 reminders of why you’re together.
  • Mirror Messages.  Simply use lipstick to leave your hunny a love note on the mirror, or get creative with paper or post it notes and make a heart-shaped collage.  Express all the little things you love about him/her so they can start their day with a smile.
  • Heart Shaped Breakfast.  Use heart-shaped cookie cutters to make toast cut outs, or to fry eggs inside of. If you value your fingertips, use an oven mitt to hold the cookie cutter in place while the egg cooks.  Learned that the hard way last year.
  • Heart Shaped Pizza.  Little heart-shaped pepperoni are sweet, or you can really go all out and shaped the pizza dough into one big heart.  Tip: keep the heart skinny before cooking, it’ll expand and widen as it cooks!  Simpler solution: call around to your local pizzeria, and see which ones will do it for you.
  • Heart Shaped Anything Edible.  They don’t say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach for nothing.  It’s basically in the bible.  So if you plan on cooking anything for your sweetie this holiday, try your best to make them into heart shapes.  Even if you fail, they’ll think it was a cute attempt, and as long as it isn’t burned too badly, they’ll eat it (speaking from experience here).
  • Box of Favorites.  You probably know your favorite person’s favorite things just as well as they do, so put that knowledge to good use and stock a bag or box with all of their favorite snacks, candies, goodies.. plus anything else that you know they usually buy for themselves when they’re in the mood for a treat.
  • Match Jar.  This one is sweet yet practical.  Fill a small mason jar with matches, and then secure sand paper or the bottom of the matchbox onto the lid.  Decorate the jar itself, or add a little love note or doodle on top.   Perfect for anyone who likes to fish, camp, hunt or hike…. (so not me).
  • DIY Date Jar.  I can elaborate but I just wrote up a post on this, so just go read it here!
  • Coupon Book.  This one is super easy, but also pretty alluring for a guy if you get a little pg-13 with it. Stick with fun sweet treats, like a back rub, cooking dinner, designated driving duty that they can redeem whenever, or up your game and give him tickets to redeem when he wants to… play. ♥
  • Love Note Frame.  This one is extra sweet because it adds a little romance to your home decor that you can use all year long.  Just get any size frame, and then make your own little print out to place in side that reads “I love you because:” and then add a line underneath it.  Pick up dry erase markers and take turns leaving each other little reminders of what you love about each other on the glass.
  • Man Bouquets.  Flowers are sweet, but they aren’t for everyone.  If your valentine would rather a bushel of something else, like say alcohol, candy or snacks, make them a bouquet of that instead!  Use wooden kabob sticks to secure items to, and then gather them and secure at the bottom.  See here or here for an example.
  • Something Lacy.  Sometimes the thing a guy wants to unwrap the most is you.  So go buy something that makes you feel sexy and confident, surprise him with a fun new “outfit”, and let him open the best gift of all.  Note: this gift will probably end up on the floor really quick, so don’t break the bank.  Think lacy, tight, and revealing.
  • Did I Mention Food?  Another easy way to do something nice is to bake or make their favorite dessert.  Whatever they fancy, whether it’s brownies, cookies, cupcakes or chocolate covered strawberries, make it for them and indulge yourselves with a yummy dessert.  Better yet, eat them in bed.

♥ Have fun!

Love, Mrs. Newman


Make Your Own Date Jar

Date Jar copy

A Quick And Easy DIY Valentine’s Day Gift!

Even if you don’t need an idea for a sweet treat for your valentine, DIY date jars are a fun and easy project to do any time of year.  In our household we don’t make it more than a few days before we’re stuck on dinner plans or feeling antsy for something fun to do together.

That’s why this year I finally made my own date jar, all set and ready to go with 35 preplanned dates for us to pick from!  (Also, spoiler alert to my husband – yes this is part of your V-day gift.  You’re welcome).

Not only will this stop us from bickering over where to eat or what to do, it’s also a fun excuse to try new things on date night.  I made sure our dates included our staples, but also had a few unique date ideas that I think could be a really good time.

It was incredibly easy to make, the hardest part being the date brainstorming sesh, but with the aid of Pinterest I had 35 categorized dates ready to go in less than 20 minutes.   So first things first, gather the following:IMG_2363

  • Mason Jar
  • Popsicle Sticks
  • Sharpie
  • Stickers
  • Ribbon
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Scissors

Like I said, the hardest part was actually coming up with the dates, but they came to me quicker than I expected after peeking at a few other blogs and pins.  Make sure you cater your dates to your own personal style.  I included a Star Wars Marathon since we’re both avid fans, but nixed ice skating from our list as public humiliation doesn’t really make for a great date night in my husband’s eyes.

If you aren’t up to creating your own preplanned dates, use mine as a starting point, but try to cater them to yourselves a little bit.

date jar list

Organize your list into three categories; cheap/at home, out of the house but still low-key, and fancier-than-usual night outs.   This is where your stickers come into play.  Color code your dates and place different stickers at the top of each popsicle stick so you’ll know how to differentiate your dates when you’re pulling from your date jar.

After this you’re pretty much ready to go, you just need a pretty little mason jar to place your popsicle sticks in.   Luckily I’ve already provided you a tutorial on this, which you can read here or watch here.  To recap; you’ll use your hot glue gun to secure your pretty ribbons around your jar.  Said ribbons will help camouflage your popsicle sticks so that there’s no cheating involved when pulling one out.

date-jarSee, pretty easy.  I got everything at Michael’s, but any craft store works, or even a dollar store probably.   The important part about this gift is to actually use it, and to make sure that you’re actually spending time together doing fun and different things (after all that is what happy couples do, IMO).  And if this jar takes some of the bickering or indecisiveness out of your date nights, then it’s a perfect little gift not only for your partner, but for yourself.

Have fun and enjoy all of your upcoming date nights!  Oh, and Happy Valentine’s Day!

Love, Mrs. Newman



Gather Your Girls!

be my bridesmaid

Cute Ways To Ask Your Bridesmaids.

So, you got your man (or woman), and now you wanna ask your bridal party to stand by your side while you get hitched.  But how?  There are about a million suggestions and different ways floating around on Pinterest, but if you want a few cute ideas pulled together to pick from, well lucky you, I’ve gone ahead and done so for ya.

I kind of love the idea of throwing a bridal party-party, like a tea party, brunch or even a night of cocktails.  If you can host a party like this, and most, if not all, of your bridesmaids can make it, then set up a drink station with glasses labeled for each ‘maid, along with a cutesy tag asking them to be in your wedding, a la picture one.

Not local?  Or are your nearest and dearest long distance besties?  Send them a fun package, like in photo two.  This set can actually be ordered off Etsy, with everything you need sent to you for assembly.  Or you can DIY it, and add your own creative flare before sending out in the mail.

If you like the idea of gift-giving, a cute spin on having them by you while you tie the knot is adorable, just look at photo three.  It’s a pretty piece of jewelry that they can wear for any occasion, but also fits the bill for a gift to give when asking if they’ll be in your bridal party.  Or you can step it up a bit, a give a whole Be-My-Bridesmaid gift package complete with champagne and a fun bridesmaid tank.  Stop there like in photo four, or go all out and throw in as many fun trinkets as you can find.

Do you and your besties grab coffee a lot?  Then photo five might be perfect.  Invite them over for their morning cuppa, and serve it to them in this keepsake coffee mug.  A DIY girl?  Make your own, with whatever message you come up with.  Here’s my tutorial on how to make your own mugs.

If you are a DIY master, then making your own little project should be fun.  If you’re hesitant with what exactly to make, “pop the question” like in photo six.  Making the boxes will be quick and easy, and any candy store or local grocery will have ring pops.

Best for last (in my opinion), give your bridal party the gift that everyone wants – booze!  There are tons of wine bottle wraps online that you can order.  The one in photo seven is just one of many options, so pick up whatever kind of wine you know will be most appreciated, wrap it up, and hand it out!  Then stick around to celebrate when they really open their gift.


It doesn’t really matter what you go with when it comes to asking your bridal party, but with so many fun options out there to choose from, just have fun with it.  If it’s really stressing you out, forego the fancy creative route and just do it the old-fashioned way – ask them in person.  It’ll be just as meaningful as any gift you could give, promise.

Love, Mrs. Newman