Bitchy Brides

Why Sometimes It’s Okay To Be A Bridezilla Barbie.

Look. No one likes a bitchy bratty bride. But sometimes the planning process can just get to girl. Or guy. Or both. Planning a wedding can be really stressful!

If you find your inner bitch surfacing during your engagement, don’t start in on the self-loathing just yet. Your wedding is obviously important to you, so when things aren’t going your way or you begin to feel overwhelmed, of course you go into bitch mode. I go into bitch mode all the time when I get anxious, which my hubby can attest to (but won’t because he values his life).

So, if you’re like me, and you start getting irritated and snippy when you feel overwhelmed, then you just have to learn how to channel your energy into something productive. For real, there’s a reason some people can get more accomplished when they’re heated. And guess what, using your inner anger to light a fire and get shit done will help you cross things off your wedding to-do list left and right.

The key here  is turning your bitchiness into productivity without diving too deep into bridezilla territory.   So when does being a bridezilla actually work in your favor?

Let’s evaluate.

Being assertive will get you way further with vendors then being passive or submissive. Being assertive can get you further in life, period.  (Picture me flexing by itty bitty bitch muscles here)

When it comes to people you’re paying, like wedding vendors, communicating clearly what you want is a good thing. Vendors will appreciate that more than a wishy-washy bride who isn’t clear with what she wants, is mopey, or gets upset behind their back.

Being bold and assertive with what you expect out of anyone that’s contributing to your wedding isn’t a bad thing at all.  If knowing what I want and being direct and forward with my expectations comes off as bratty, well color me a bitch.  But guess who got exactly what she was promised (and paid for) on her wedding day?

Bitches know how to clearly express what they want. So buck up and make your expectations known. Like a boss. Because technically being the bride means you ARE the boss …of your wedding anyways.   Just don’t cross the line; being a hard ass, totally fine. Being rude and condescending, not fine.

Obviously I’m NOT condoning treating your vendors like slaves, you should always mind your manners and be polite.  But they are hired to serve you, so if they aren’t meeting expectations or are skimping on their contractual obligations, then you have every right to put your bossy pants on.

Being clear with what you expect out of anyone that’s contributing to your wedding is a total must, so if that’s something that comes easy to you – good!  It’ll actually be extremely helpful as a bride-to-be.

Having a certain level of this-is-my-day attitude can also help remind all of your family and friends that its important to you that you have their love, support and attention during this short-lived time. It’s okay to want to be the center of attention right now!

If someone is taking away from the experience, letting your inner diva out isn’t really all that bad. Definitely soften your approach with loved ones, but stand your ground with anything upsetting you. Be direct and address any concerns with your bridal party or family, and then move forward! You can have a spine and still be lovable, I promise.

It’s really not the worst thing to be a bridezilla for a moment or two if it gets you what you want during your engagement and on your wedding day. Like I said, bitches get shit done, and brides have a big to-do list. So get your best resting bitch face on and let your borderline-bitch flag fly!

If you’re feeling bad about having a bratty moment here and there while you plan one of the biggest days of your life, don’t.  We’re all human and the pressure will get to you at some point during the process.  Do your best to keep positive, and point your aggression in the right places so that things get done but people don’t get emotionally beaten down.  And if you just don’t have it in you to be a bitch when it’s warranted, hire me to be your own personal bitch-who-gets-shit-done.  I’ll go all Olivia Pope on your behalf and “handle” it personally.  But we all have an inner bad-ass bosslady, so why not let her shine sometimes?

Disclaimer: Being a total bridezilla isn’t the point of this post and I’m NOT giving anyone the green light to be an asshole. You can have an inner bitchy side that helps you get things done and still be a nice person. Find a balance between the two; be friendly, understanding and lovable, but know when it’s okay to be strong and confident, and maybe even a little bit bossy.

Love, Mrs. Newman